Animal Welfare Approved

High Meadows Farm – Delhi, NY

A_High Meadows

High Meadows Farm was the first farm in New York to join the Animal Welfare Approved program. John Hussey, Laura Hussey, Ann Van Arsdale and her daughter work together to raise the Tamworth piglets on the farm. According to Ann, John and Laura have always been interested in conserving rare breeds.

In 1995 they got their first Tamworth – a breed that according to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) is called “The Irish Grazer.” Sows of this breed are excellent mothers and do a good job of suckling their litters. Both of these are ideal characteristics for maximizing animal welfare in a pasture-based system.

While High Meadows Farms is happy to be a part of the Animal Welfare Approved program, they didn’t need the label to attract visitors to the farm – their piglets are already expert crowd pleasers. Ann said that they are happy to show off their sows and piglets and added, “We do have a nice outdoor pasture pig operation. We’re proud of our set up.”

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