Animal Welfare Approved

American Grassfed Beef – Doniphan, MO


Located in the rolling hills of southern Missouri, American Grassfed Beef is a family farm owned and operated by Mark and Dr. Patricia Whisnant, along with their six children. Dr. Whisnant is president of the American Grassfed Association (AGA) and co-founder of American Grassfed Beef, the name under which they market their beef. In addition to the farm, the family owns and operates a processing facility, Fruitland American Meat, located in Jackson, Missouri. The Whisnants also raise AWA-certified pigs, which are allowed to forage outdoors on pasture according to their biological and behavioral instincts.

The Whisnants’ cattle and pigs are born, raised and finished on open grass pastures and cattle are never put in a feedlot. Utilizing a holistic approach to farm management, the Whisnants sustain and nourish the farm environment through pasture restoration and soil improvement. The family is passionate about the care and respect given the animals and land. They consider the stewardship of both to be a privileged legacy for future generations.

American Grassfed beef is dry aged for 14 days to concentrate the beefy flavor and tenderize the meat. The carcass is then broken down by skilled butchers who take pride in their art of cutting beef.

According to Dr. Whisnant, “Our family is passionate about providing our customers with the healthiest, safest and highest quality beef on earth. Beef you can feel good about eating!”

American Grassfed Beef holds the following certifications:

AGA Certified Grassfed - the cattle are bred for the quality of their beef and receive a forage diet as they are continually rotated to fresh pastures. The animals are never held in confinement, are never fed antibiotics and never receive synthetic growth hormones. This standard is third-party verified by the American Grassfed Association.

USDA Certified Organic - the pastures are never treated with herbicides or pesticides and do not use artificial fertilizers. This is verified by USDA Organic certification.

Animal Welfare Approved - the cattle and pigs are raised on open pasture and handled with respect to provide for high animal welfare. This is third-party verified by AWA and includes the entire journey from birth through slaughter.

AWA-certified pork and beef from American Grassfed Beef is available to order online at or by calling 573-996-3716.


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