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Wells Family Farms – King City, MO

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A_Wells Family Farm

The Wells Family has been raising cattle in Missouri for four generations. Since 2001, Steve and Kim Wells have been raising grassfed cattle and their primary concerns have always been to keep their farm sustainable and to ensure the best welfare for their animals. Talking to Kim, it became clear that their concern for the animals’ health and welfare extends to each individual animal. For example, when one of their calves was injured Steve and Kim nursed him back to health by bottle feeding him and giving him extra special care. The calf, known as Rocky, became famous with their neighbors after the family started taking him on rehabilitative walks with the family dog.

Cris-Co Farms – Gray, TN

By Animal Welfare Approved | November 17, 2008
A_Cris-Co Farm

Dennis and Terry Robbins raise Animal Welfare Approved sheep at Cris-Co Farms in Gray, Tennessee. The Robbins have a very close- knit family and even named the farm by combining the names of their sons, Chris and Cody. However, Terry said the name causes some confusion. People often ask, “Why’d you name your farm after LARD?”