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Clover Creek Farm – Jonesborough, TN

By Animal Welfare Approved | November 17, 2008

Chris Wilson raises Certified AWA meat sheep and laying hens at Clover Creek Farm, near Jonesborough in the hills of northeast Tennessee. Chris grew up on a small farm and has been living on a farm ever since. As a child, Chris said she “grew up thinking everyone had a cow.” Her extensive farming experience, combined with a keen interest in sustainable agriculture, has made Chris a respected leader in the field. In 1999, Chris was named Conservation Farmer of the Year in Washington County, Tennessee–the only woman to ever receive the title.

East Fork Farm – Asheville, NC

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Stephen and Dawn Robertson raise Certified AWA sheep, beef cattle and pigs at East Fork Farm, located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Stephen eased into farming from his previous work as a software engineer because, as he explains, “It’s something I really wanted to do. I like physical labor, being outside, and working with my hands, as well as the diversity that farming offers – there is no typical day!”