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White Clover Farm – Argyle, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | December 30, 2008

Remus Preda and Lisa Randles farm 125 acres of rolling farmland in bucolic Washington County, New York. The husband and wife partnership is committed to responsible, humane and environmentally sound livestock management as well as farmland preservation. White Clover is situated at a 900 foot elevation 10 miles east of the Hudson River over looking Vermont’s Taconic and New York’s Adirondack Mountain Ranges and the Battenkill River Valley. It’s been said that the White Clover cattle have the best view in the family! The animals’ care and well being are the farm’s top priority.

Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery – King Ferry, NY

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Rose Marie Belforti and her husband Tim Wallbridge run Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery, a micro-dairy where they keep a small herd of Irish Dexter cows and produce the nation’s only authentic, pro-biotic Kefir cheese. “I love my cows and their well-being comes first,”says Belforti. “I want them to have the best life possible.”

Whose FDA Is It Anyway?

By Andrew Gunther | December 18, 2008

If the system is so poor that it must be propped up with off-label and subtherapeautic antibiotics, perhaps its time to revise the system?

In an apparent win for pharmaceutical companies, the Food and Drug Administration has recently rescinded a proposed ban on off-label use of cephalosporin drugs in animals raised for food. According to the Wall Street Journal, this last-minute reversal came just five days before the proposed ban would take effect.

Has the FDA lost its way? The official mission of the agency states, “The FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs,” (among other responsibilities like regulating radioactive materials). Despite significant evidence that off-label and widespread agricultural use play a major role in creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the FDA has caved under pressure from the very companies selling the drugs.

This decision not to ban off-label usage begs the question: What is the point of having a label in the first place?

Meadowbrook Farm – China, ME

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A_Meadowbrook Farm

Meadowbrook Farm is run by Mike Brown, his mother Lynn, and his grandfather Larry. Mike decided to apply to be Animal Welfare Approved after visiting an Animal Welfare Approved farm in Texas. When he looked into the program he realized his farm already practiced all of the requirements. Meadowbrook farm’s cows always have access topasture, over 40 acres to roam and are never in an over-populated area. They have access to a barn in the winter, a dry area in the spring, and fresh water during summer.