Animal Welfare Approved

Schenker Family Farms – McCune, KS

Kevin and Cherie Schenker raise Animal Welfare Approved beef cattle on their family farm in McCune, Kansas.  The Schenkers are committed to providing a stress-free and humane environment for their animals: their cows graze freely on several hundred acres of prairie and grassland, and in the winter are fed hay made from fresh, native grasses.

As a member of the Kansas National Guard, Kevin heard that he was to be deployed to Afghanistan in February of 2009. He knew that one of the little touches of home he would miss would be his traditional birthday dinner: grassfed Schenker Family Farms rib eyes and baked potatoes. After Kevin left, Cherie began to research ways to get their home grown beef to Kevin while he was away. At first she thought it would be as simple as tracking down the right shipping container, packing up some steaks, and paying for packaging. But the real challenge came in finding the right container that could handle the heat of the Middle East! “There was a reason no one was shipping to troops in the Middle East,” Cherie says, “It’s really hot there and it can take weeks for a package to reach its destination.” Working with a company based in Georgia, Cherie devised a completely recyclable container, made from biodegradable materials, that can keep up to 12 pounds of meat frozen, on dry ice, for up to 23 days.

Now, several groups and military families are using the Schenker’s containers to ship Schenker Family Farms grassfed beef to our troops in Afghanistan. “We did a big order at Christmas for the Iowa Air National Guard. The Des Moines Rotary Club sent over 200 pounds of sirloin steak and we just finished an order for the Minnesota National Guard. We are averaging two to three shipments a week,” Cherie says.

For more information on their farm, philosophy and Animal Welfare Approved products, visit the Schenker Family Farms website at

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