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Kinderhook Farm – Ghent, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 30, 2009

Lee and Georgia Ranney–and their cattle, laying hens, and sheep—all live the good life at Kinderhook Farm in Valatie, New York. “When we first started with the farm,” Lee says, “there was minimal fencing and pasture water, so we knew we had our work cut out to move to an intensive rotational grazing system. It’s been years of hard work, putting up miles of fencing and placing water systems, but it’s all been worth it. We really wanted to get the animals outside on pasture where they belong.”

Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery on the Heritage Radio Network

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 26, 2009

Last month, Animal Welfare Approved farmer Rose Marie Belforti of Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery was interviewed by Lorenzo Ragionieri for the Heritage Radio Network’s Farm Report.

Interview highlights include:

* The unique traits of the Irish Dexter cow
* Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery’s strict animal welfare husbandry practices
* Pro-biotic Kefir Cheese -why it’s so special and what does Pro-biotic mean?

For more information on the Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery and to order their cheese visit […]

NY State Governor’s Executive Chef Uses Animal Welfare Approved Beef!

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 23, 2009

Chef Noah Sheetz recently visited Kinderhook Farm in Ghent, NY and he was so impressed by the farm that he blogged about his experience. Noah said, “It undoubtedly is one of the cleanest and most picturesque farms in all of Columbia County.”

Noah is a strong advocate for supporting local NY farmers and has more recently started educating children about eating healthier foods.

Below we’ve included a snippet of Noah’s recipe which showcases Kinderhook Farm’s Animal Welfare Approved beef ribs:

Honey and Chili Glazed Beef Ribs with Creamed Swiss Chard and Potatoes

Folsom Farms – Alexandria, TN

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 19, 2009

There was something about the simple life of farming that drew in Teresa and David Folsom. They hadn’t grown-up with it, but after spending time in Amish communities and appreciating the practical and wholesome lifestyle, the two leapt at an opportunity to begin their own farm. Teresa and David raise Certified AWA fiber sheep and laying hens at Folsom Farm in Alexandria, Tennessee. In addition to their Certified AWA fiber sheep and laying hens, the Folsoms also raise goats that are eager to help control weeds and woody plants in the pasture.

Syrinx Farm – Monroe, GA

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Syrinx Farm is owned by Cyndy and Dave Carroll. When they moved down south in 2007, they bought a house on 9 acres, most of which was open pasture with the rest being forest.

Cyndy has been around animals her entire life and has always loved chickens. She explains, “I hated the way factory farms treated their animals, especially the laying hens. I wanted to raise my ‘girls’ the way chickens should be raised – the normal, humane way with plenty of pasture to run around in, dust to bathe in and to just be chickens.” After looking into the many programs out there for farm animals, Dave and Cyndy decided to join Animal Welfare Approved because the standards mirror what they believe to be the right way to farm.

Dwight Hall Farm – Beulaville, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved |

The Hall family has worked the same land for many generations, raising hogs, tobacco, and other crops. Dwight Hall now farms 40 acres, raising 10 Certified AWA sows and their offspring on a portion of his acreage while growing feed on the rest. He also works off-farm as a carpenter and a general contractor.