Animal Welfare Approved

Folsom Farms – Alexandria, TN

Folsom Farm Cows

Folsom Farm Cows

There was something about the simple life of farming that drew in Teresa and David Folsom. They hadn’t grown-up with it, but after spending time in Amish communities and appreciating the practical and wholesome lifestyle, the two leapt at an opportunity to begin their own farm. Teresa and David raise grassfed cattle, sheep, and laying hens on their farm. For controlling weeds and woody plants in the pasture they also have three donkeys and three goats that are eager to help.

According to the Folsoms, “Animal Welfare Approved has been a breath of fresh air, long overdue.  When we share Animal Welfare Approved information with customers, even other like-minded farmers, you get almost a sense of relief in their reaction.” As a part of their work, the Folsoms not only prioritize caring humanely for their animals, but they also never use chemicals on pasture and emphasize using natural manure from the farm for fertilizer. None of the animals are given hormones, and they are pasture-fed outdoors. Even though their commitment to farming humanely and sustainably requires extra manual labor and time, the Folsoms are proud of their accomplishments and committed to the work.

Folsom Farms products can be found directly on the farm, at Lulu’s Coffee House in Watertown, and through Gourmet Pasture Beef, a regional distributor. Wool products are also frequently featured at regional and county fair functions. Teresa and David have appreciated all of their contact with the local public, and hope to continue to nurture those relationships in Tennessee. So to purchase from a humane, grassfed farming operation first-hand get in touch with the family, and visit their website at

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