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Top Chef Contestant Bryan Voltaggio Endorses Animal Welfare Approved

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 23, 2009

Many people have become familiar with Bryan Voltaggio as one of the dynamic season six competitors on Bravo’s Top Chef—but did you also know he’s a committed supporter of humane farming and serves Animal Welfare Approved lamb at VOLT, his highly regarded Frederick, Maryland restaurant?

Animal Welfare Approved recently joined AWA farmer Craig Rogers on his delivery run to VOLT (Craig supplies VOLT’s lamb) and had the opportunity to speak to Chef Bryan about the program and its farmers. “Chef Bryan was excited to meet with us and hear about our mission,” reports Beth Hauptle, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “He is interested in offering more Animal Welfare Approved products on his menu and we were able to put him in touch with additional Animal Welfare Approved farmers.”

Animal Welfare Approved is proud to have Chef Bryan among the chefs who enthusiastically support our program.

Proposed Regulations Favor Interstate Commerce, Independent Plants

By Animal Welfare Approved |

The USDA’s Federal Safety and Inspection Service recently proposed regulations that will allow certain state-inspected plants to ship meat and poultry in interstate commerce. This impressive development is part of USDA’s larger initiative, “Know Your Farmers, Know Your Food,” which seeks to develop economic opportunities within regional and local food systems. Secretary Vilsack and Under Secretary Mande are to be applauded for such a far-sighted decision, one which could have a transformational effect on independent livestock producers.

From the Field: Eastern Triangle Farm Tour

By Emily | September 21, 2009

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) held its 4th annual Eastern Triangle Farm Tour this past weekend. This year’s tour featured four AWA farms, including Dew Dance Farm, MAE Farm, Rare Earth Farms and Doug Brown of Fowl Attitude Farm, giving a presentation. AWA staff members Julie Munk, Brigid Sweeney and Emily Lancaster were present at three of the farms and had a great time meeting everyone and sharing information about our program. If you missed the tour, read on for our reports from the field!

Join us at the Eastern Triangle Farm Tour!

By Emily | September 14, 2009

This coming weekend (September 19th & 20th) the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association will hold its 4th Annual Eastern Triangle Farm Tour. Visitors will be able to tour 20 different farms in the Raleigh, NC area with the purchase of one $25 button. Each button admits a full carload, so pack your friends and family in and come see where your food comes from!

Food Safety Begins at the Farm

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 11, 2009

We at Animal Welfare Approved applaud the USDA and HHS for creating an important and useful new website, The site’s purpose is to help consumers find consolidated up to date information on food safety and food recalls.

We want to remind our readers that food safety begins at the farm and is directly related to the farming system utilized. Between January 1, 1994 and November 31, 2007, over 800 separate meat product recalls took place across the United States – equivalent to over 300 million pounds of meat and poultry products. Nearly all of the recalls were the result of the potential contamination of factory-farmed meats with two types of food-poisoning bacteria: Listeria and E. coli.

We know that a safer, welfare-friendly alternative to feedlot beef already exists. Scientists have shown that meat from grassfed cattle – such as those raised by Animal Welfare Approved farmers – is less likely to harbor dangerous food-poisoning bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Listeria.

Labor Day Eat In Spotlights Healthy School Lunches

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Dear members, supporters and friends,

On Labor Day, more than 20,000 people came together in all 50 states to tell Congress it’s time to give kids real food at school. If you went to an Eat-In, we’d like to say thank you. And if you’re one of the Slow Food Chapter Leaders and Eat-In Organizers who put incredible time and energy into the 300 Eat-Ins that took place nationwide, we’d like to shout thank you — you made the day possible.

The momentum helped us surpass our Labor Day petition goal – there are more than 20,000 signatures online, another 10,000 on paper, and many more still coming in. That’s a huge show of support. When Congress starts debating the Child Nutrition Act this fall, we’ll be able to take those signatures to legislators and make a strong case for reform.

From Our Friends at Slow Food USA

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 4, 2009

Last year over Labor Day, Animal Welfare Approved farmers and staff attended Slow Food Nation in San Francisco with the goal of promoting a better food system for this country. This year, Slow Food is again rallying to promote good food for all. Please read about the initiative and plan to take part.


In three days, people in all 50 states will sit down to share a meal and bend the direction of history just a little bit. Together, we are publicly rejecting the notion that our schools can’t afford to feed kids anything but the bad food that makes them sick.

And the way we’re making this statement is by bringing neighbors together in the spirit of good will and for the joy of sharing good food. That is the heart of our movement.

Attend an Eat-In on Labor Day.

Last Week to Register: From The Ground Up

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 2, 2009

Join Joan Gussow and hundreds of other leaders of the local and organic food movement in Santa Fe at this ground-breaking event. Folks from all around the U.S. and five other countries are coming. Be part of the launch of the Slow Money Alliance which is organizing a million members to begin fixing America’s economy…from the ground up.