Animal Welfare Approved

Spring Trail Ranch – Hillsborough, NC

Spring Trail Ranch

Spring Trail Ranch

John, Yvonne and JP Cooper raise Certified AWA beef cattle at Spring Trail Ranch, located in the beautiful, rolling hills of Hillsborough, North Carolina. As a Certified AWA source farm for cattle, the Coopers are approved to raise and sell beef cattle to other Certified AWA farms.

The Cooper family first established their Miniature Hereford cattle herd in July 2009, and have grown their herd over time. The Miniature Hereford is a docile breed with a good temperament, known also for their hardiness and adaptability. As the breed is much smaller than the standard Hereford cattle, and requires less pasture, it makes them a good fit for some family farms.

The Certified AWA cattle at Spring Trail Ranch are raised outdoors on pasture, where they have room to roam and demonstrate natural behaviors–a key component to Animal Welfare Approved certification. In addition to managing their Certified AWA cattle, the Coopers are also involved in raising show-quality Bouvier des Flandres dogs.

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