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Angus Glen Farms – Watkins Glen, NY

Angus Glen Farms

Angus Glen Farms

Brett and Maria Jose Chedzoy and their children—Ian, Clara and Joe—raise Animal Welfare Approved Black Angus cattle at Angus Glen Farms in Watkins Glen, NY. The 260-acre farm sits above the world famous Watkins Glen State Park Gorge. Adding to their unique location, the original Grand Prix course of the United States runs through the center of the farm—and is still visited by thousands of racing enthusiasts every year.

The Chedzoy’s experience with raising Angus cattle started in the mid-1990s when they purchased a ranch in the Sierra Mountains of central Argentina. Today, they graze cattle to keep their pastoral little corner of the country side looking much the way it did when the first race cars came to Watkins Glen in 1948. The Chedzoys rotationally graze the herd on high quality pasture throughout the year, feeding hay from January to April, and moving the herd into sheltered wooded areas of the farm in extreme weather. As well as providing for hardy, robust and healthy animals, the old-line Aberdeen Angus genetics used at Angus Glen Farms—and the low-stress handling techniques used at all times—results in exceptionally high-quality, well-marbled, and tender beef.

The Chedzoy family is proud to manage their cattle according to AWA standards and to supply their customers with delicious, healthy, and affordable grassfed meat. Angus Glen Farms sell AWA-certified grassfed beef direct from the farm. For more information, visit


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