Animal Welfare Approved

Sassafras Valley Farm – Morrison, MO

A_Sassafras Valley FarmSassafras Valley Farm, in Morrison, Missouri, raises free-range Embden and Toulouse geese.  The Cunningham family practices Low Impact Sustainable Agriculture to raise geese in a traditional and environmentally sensitive fashion. The geese have continuous access to fresh pasture and water. Pastures are carefully planted with a mixture of grasses and other plants that reflect the traditional diet of domesticated geese and the requirements of the local microclimate. Geese are raised in a chemical and pesticide free environmentPredator control (typically coyotes, feral dogs, and hawks) is accomplished through the efforts of several Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs rather than by trapping, poisoning, or shooting.

Geese are available for purchase and shipment throughout the U.S. between November and January for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays. Consult for availability and shipping options.

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