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1dr Acres – Prairie du Sac, WI

1dr Acres

1dr Acres

Cherrie and Lee Nolden raise Certified AWA laying hens, meat goats, and meat sheep on pasture in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

Cherrie and Lee Nolden both came from agricultural backgrounds. Cherrie was raised on a five acre “farmette” and Lee spent his summers on his uncles’ farms in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. The couple began their own farming ventures in 2001 and since then have raised livestock both in Wisconsin and Kansas. The Noldens raise Certified AWA laying hens, meat goats and meat sheep on their 56 acre property next to the farm Lee’s family still owns in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

Cherrie is proud that in the years since they began farming together, she and Lee have selected for the best genes in their livestock. Breeds are chosen for traits which lend themselves to the climate of Wisconsin and the pasture-based system that Cherrie and Lee employ. Their selection of desirable characteristics have led them to use breeds like the Silkie chicken, a distinctive bird with fluffy plumage and an exceptionally calm and broody temperament. These qualities make the Silkie an excellent mother hen and this is important on 1dr Acres since all chicks are hatched on the farm and hens care for their own offspring without the aid of incubators or brooders.

In addition to the appropriateness of the breeds that Lee and Cherrie use on 1dr Acres, their animals are also kept healthy through the application of minerals, allowing them to fight off disease, when necessary. The multi-species rotational grazing on 1dr Acres breaks up the pest cycle in their pastures and mimics the diversity that exists in nature where animals fill different niche spaces.

Meeting the demand for their pasture-raised meat and eggs is challenging with the high price of land which is required for pasture-based farming. Despite the challenges, Cherrie and Lee are dedicated to raising their animals in accordance with Animal Welfare Approved standards because they are in harmony with their desire for a high quality of life for their animals.  For more information about 1dr Acres and their pasture-raised meat and eggs, contact Cherrie at (608) 477-1981 or