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Paradise Plains Farm – Osteen, FL

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 28, 2012

Keith and Suzanne Gebelein raise Certified AWA dairy goats in Osteen, FL. Both Keith and Suzanne grew up in families with agricultural backgrounds, and gardening was a constant throughout their childhood. The couple now has a small 10-acre farm of their own and they are working hard to improve the condition of the pastures using sustainable methods.

Down to Earth Farm – Liberty, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 21, 2012

Down to Earth Farm is a sustainable family farm located in Liberty, North Carolina, offering AWA-certified poultry and eggs. The farm was started in 2009 by founders Joe Moore and his son, Aaron, and is situated on 30 acres of family land, carrying on a farming tradition passed down through several generations.

The Moores’ initially began farming to supply high-quality food for their families, but the father and son team have expanded the operations to include pastured chickens and eggs to satisfy the growing demand for locally sourced, high-welfare products. “We saw that our community was in need of high-quality, locally-sourced pastured meat products, so we decided to go into business to provide it,” Joe says. As he explains, the farm is continually evolving: “Our family’s farming background created the passion for this work, but we also strive to learn and work with professionals and other farmers in our community to better our operation – not only for our animals, but also for our customers.”

Oak Wood Farm – Deep Run, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 8, 2012

Kelly and Woody Tyndall raise Certified AWA hogs in the sand hills of North Carolina. Their farm is about 25 acres, with 18 acres of coastal Bermuda grass pasture and woods where the hogs roam freely. Kelly says that the woods are especially helpful to shade the hogs in their hot summers.