Animal Welfare Approved

Lenox Ranch – Garrison, KY

A_Lenox Ranch

Neil and Abbey Lenox raise Animal Welfare Approved sheep for meat in Garrison, Kentucky. They were both raised in a rural farming community surrounded by cornfields and livestock, and were involved with 4-H for many years, often taking sheep, pigs and cattle to the local fair.

The Lenoxes currently raise about 60 Katahdin and St Croix sheep. Both the Katahdin and the St Croix are known as a “hair sheep” and are raised for meat, not wool. Unlike wool breeds, hair sheep have a coarse hair-like winter coat that they shed in the spring, avoiding the need for routine shearing. This lack of wool also minimizes the risk of fly strike, reducing the need for chemical sprays. The Katahdin and St Croix are excellent mothers and thrive out on pasture. The St Croix is also particularly renowned for its natural resistance to internal parasites and its meat is considered by many to be superior in flavor to most wool-producing breeds. As the St. Croix breed is listed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy as a “threatened” breed, the Lenoxes feel fortunate to be a part of the effort of keeping this excellent breed alive and hope to help other breeders get started with their own flock of St. Croix sheep.

On gaining AWA certification, the Lenoxes say, “We are very proud to be Animal Welfare Approved because we believe in the importance of sustainable family farms. We believe in high animal welfare standards and the importance of raising animals on pasture – and never in confinement.”

AWA lamb from Lenox Ranch is available directly from the farm. For more information, visit, email, or call 606-757-4271.

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