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Crescent Moon Farm and Goat Dairy – Westminster, SC

Crescent Moon Farm - Westminster, SC

Farmer Becky Howington raises Animal Welfare Approved dairy goats and laying hens near Westminster in central South Carolina. Growing up in Alpharetta, Georgia, her father would bring her chickens, turkeys, and goats to care for and she always dreamed of having a working farm. As an adult, Becky eventually moved to South Carolina and finally realized that dream.

As a self-taught farmer, Becky says farming is not an easy job, but she finds it extremely rewarding: “We work very hard at keeping all the animals we have happy and comfortable, and wouldn’t have it any other way.” With the help of her mother-in-law, Sandra Howington, and son Morgan Howington, Becky raises Alpine, LaMancha, Saanen, and Nubian goats, and some additional mixed breeds. The goats can roam freely across the farm, which results in flavorful, nutritious milk – and high-quality dairy products.

Becky explains that all of the goat breeds have unique characteristics that make them a good fit for the farm: “Our Saanens are our big milk producer, and are so sweet and loving. Our LaManchas are also a good milking breed and are very organized when it comes to the milking routine. People do not give goats enough credit for being the smart, gentle, loving creatures that they are. They each have individual personalities and are a very social animal.”

Becky’s laying hens are also well-adapted to pasture-based management, and roam and forage naturally, resulting in high quality, tasty eggs that are prized by Becky’s loyal customers. Becky says that the most important aspect of farming is her animals’ well-being. Gaining AWA-certification was a way to show her customers the high level of care she provides. Her future plans include hosting farm tours to help people get better acquainted with farm animals.

Goat dairy products and eggs from Crescent Moon Farm and Goat Dairy are available directly from the farm or at area farmers’ markets, retailers, and local buying clubs. Visit for details.

2 thoughts on “Crescent Moon Farm and Goat Dairy – Westminster, SC

  1. Renee says:

    Becky has some of the best goats milk you will ever taste. And her goat cheese is awesome! Not to mention the soaps!
    Can’t wait for my next visit to SC!

    Decatur, TX

  2. Jackie Grissom says:

    I am in Ruffin, SC and am in need of an alphine buck to breed with my does. Do you have one or know of someone who sells them? Thanks, Jackie

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