Animal Welfare Approved

Debby’s Organic Farm – Fellsmere, FL

Debby Logue and her husband, Joel, raise Certified AWA laying hens on pasture and range at Debby’s Organic Farm in Fellsmere, Florida.  Originally part of a large cattle ranch, Debby’s Organic Farm is situated on five acres of south Florida land in a region that experiences a tropical climate and is known for its diverse agricultural offerings.

Debby grew up in West Virginia in the 1950–60s on her father’s cattle farm and remembers spending most of her childhood free time at her family’s farm or at neighboring farms. Debby decided to carry on the tradition and has been raising chickens since purchasing her own farm in July of 2004.

Debby chose Rhode Island Red chickens because of their temperament, productivity, and reputation as an easy keeper. She recently added Black Giants (also known as Jersey Giants) to her flock of laying hens, choosing this breed because they are docile, easy to work with and are consistent layers of jumbo size dark brown eggs. Debby is planning to increase the number of hens further to meet the rising demand for her pasture-raised Certified AWA eggs.

Debby chose to certify with AWA because she agreed with the standards and appreciates the marketing benefits the label provides. Pasture-based management and high-welfare husbandry practices are a key aspect of Debby’s farming philosophy, which she found matched perfectly with the AWA standards:  “My birds have access to the pasture from dawn to dusk. At dusk they are conditioned to come in to their coop for a chicken scratch treat, and the sliding doors are secured to keep out predators. The coop has spacious nest box areas, plenty of light, fresh water, and chicken runs which are planted with seasonal grasses to provide forage, seeds, and insects.”

Debby says that pasturing her hens leads to healthier, more nutritious eggs that are higher in the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids: “Our goal is to have healthy, happy, well-cared-for chickens, which produce nutritious, great quality eggs!”

Certified AWA eggs from Debby’s Organic Farm, LLC are available direct from the farm or at area farmers’ markets. Check the AWA directory for details. For details on farm sales or home delivery – and additional information about the farm – contact Debby at or 954-234-6349.