Animal Welfare Approved

Lone Fir Friesians – Halfway, OR

Lone Fir Friesians Ranch has been in Inga Thompson’s family since 1918, making her son, Tyler Newberry, the fourth generation rancher to live and work on their land. The 160-acre ranch borders the Wallowa National Forest in northeast Oregon. Inga and Tyler’s small operation includes 15 Black Angus cross mama cows, which they raise according to AWA’s high welfare standards and Friesian horses, which they use both in harness and under saddle.

Inga believes that keeping their operation small allows her and her son to take special care with their cattle. “I believe in the ethical treatment of our beef,” says Inga. “Most importantly, I believe that if we are to eat beef, we should be responsible from the beginning to the end.” Lone Fir Friesians’ cattle never leave the ranch since a mobile processing unit comes to the farm, eliminating the stress associated with transportation.

As well as low-stress handling, Inga and Tyler’s high-welfare management includes feeding their cattle an appropriate diet from birth through slaughter. “We do not wean the calves, but let the mothers naturally wean. All hay fed to our cattle is raised here, on the ranch, ensuring that our beef is 100 percent grassfed. And our cattle are not sent to a feedlot—they are finished here on fine, lush green grasses, not GMO corn,” Inga explains. In addition, Inga and Tyler do most of their haying and feeding of the cattle is done with horses, so Lone Fir Friesians Ranch is largely horse-powered.

Lone Fir Friesians’ beef is sold in sides or quarters, which customers can have cut and wrapped according to their specific needs. Visit for more information, or contact Inga to place a deposit for beef at or (541) 742-4088.

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