Animal Welfare Approved

Yellowbird Farms – McMinnville, TN

Yellowbird Farms is a sustainable, family-owned farm tucked away in central Tennessee. The farm is bordered by the beautiful Collins River and is located in one of the most ideal grass and forage growing climates in the country. Yellowbird Farms is also a refuge for diverse plant and wildlife communities; these natural resources are protected by responsible stewardship, careful planning, and collaboration with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services. In recognition of their commitment to sustainable farming practices, farmers Deanna and Jim Malooley were named 2013 Warren County Conservation Farmers of the Year.

Growing up, Deanna loved the summers at her grandparents’ farm in Arkansas, while Jim grew up in Indiana, also surrounded by working farms. Though both had previous careers when they met, farming was always a shared dream. This dream was realized through dedication and hard work, and the couple now has an established farming business raising Certified AWA beef cattle for their loyal customers.

In setting up their operation, Jim and Deanna decided to raise Black and Red Angus cattle, a breed they have chosen for its suitability to pasture-based production, adaptability to different climates, and delicious, high-quality beef!  The cattle at Yellowbird Farms spend their lives grazing freely on a diverse range of grasses and forages. They are moved daily which ensures they always have access to fresh pasture and avoids the potential build-up of internal parasites. The Malooley’s cattle are never given subtherapeutic antibiotics, artificial hormones, or animal byproducts. “We are passionate in our commitment to sustainable land stewardship and humane animal stockmanship,” Deanna explains. “By allowing the animals to live as they were designed to, they are naturally healthy and stress free.” The farm is also a member of the American Grassfed Association.

On joining the AWA program, Jim says, “We are proud of the way we care for our animals and feel that our AWA certification is a great representation of our values and practices. Our AWA certification is tremendously important to us.”

Certified AWA beef from Yellowbird Farm (as well as a great collection of recipes!) is available online at Orders may be shipped directly to the customer, or picked up at the farm. Visitors are welcome see the farm in person—just call (931) 743-0376 to make an appointment.