Animal Welfare Approved

Jurassic Kahili Ranch – Kilauea, HI

Jurassic Kahili Ranch is a historic 2,800-acre property on the North Shore of Kaua`i, Hawaii, originally gifted in 1847 by King Kamehameha III to the Mary N. Lucas family, who arrived on the islands in 1816. Walter Kortschak purchased the property in 2003 with the goal of preservation and land stewardship, and the ranch’s 1000+ acres of pastureland is now home to over 300 head of Certified AWA beef cattle.

Pasture management is the most important aspect of our animal husbandry practices,” explains the Ranch’s foreman, Randall Cremer. Randall has been working cattle since his late teens and has been with Jurassic Kahili Ranch since 2007, allowing him to apply his knowledge of high-welfare livestock handling and continuously improve management practices. Jurassic Kahili Ranch’s rolling pastures, streams, and ponds on the wet North Shore of Kaua’i make the ranch an ideal place to develop grass-finished beef. Cattle graze on lush, non-irrigated pastures year-round and are never given subtherapeutic antibiotics, synthetic hormones or animal byproducts. A rotational grazing program is integral to keeping their cattle healthy and Randall moves the cattle into fresh 100- to 150-acre paddocks every seven days, allowing pastures to reach their nutritional peak before allowing cattle to graze on them once again.

Genetics is also an important part of the ranch’s high-welfare management practices. Jurassic Kahili Ranch cattle are primarily Angus, chosen for their ability to produce tender meat on grass, with some Brahman genetics, a docile breed suited to the warm, humid environment of Hawaii. Selectively breeding their cattle without the use of embryo transfer or artificial insemination allows Randall to choose traits so that his herd is constantly becoming better adapted to the climate and terrain of the ranch, minimizing stress and improving meat quality. “As a ranch that focuses on low-stress, easy handling of our cattle, AWA certification was right up our alley,” says Randall. In 2009, the ranch entered into a marketing and distribution partnership with neighboring Princeville Ranch to jointly market beef under the North Shore Kauai Beef brand, doubling their supply of grassfed animals to meet the increasing demand for their product locally. Randall and Walter hope their AWA certification will help educate local consumers about the benefits of pasture-raised, grass-finished beef, further driving sales on the island.

Consistent with their mission to steward the land responsibly and “leaving a positive and lasting legacy for generations to come,” the ranch focuses on reducing pesticide use and toxicity while protecting soil, water quality, and wildlife habitat. As a member of the Kaua`i Watershed Alliance, a partnership among the major public and private landowners, Jurassic Kahili Ranch is committed to protecting the island’s native Hawaiian forests and watershed areas. The owners and staff at the Ranch aren’t the only people to recognize what a remarkable and beautiful resource Jurassic Kahili Ranch is: the property is a sought-after location for many major movies, including Jurassic Park, Lost World, Jurassic Park III, and most recently, Jurassic World.

The North Shore Kauai Beef brand is sold at small health food markets and farmers’ markets on the north shore of the island and in Kapa’a. To learn more about the Ranch, visit or contact Randall at 650-639-6503 or Visit AWA’s Online Directory to find locations where North Shore Kauai Beef can be found.