Animal Welfare Approved

Sierra View Farms – Snelling, CA

Rob White raises purebred Angus and Black Baldy (Hereford cross Angus) beef cattle in the Sierra foothills outside of Merced, California, where he has been breeding cattle for almost 20 years. The cattle at Sierra View Farms are never administered artificial hormones or routine subtherapeutic antibiotics, and eat a grain-free, 100% grass and forage diet.

While animal welfare and sustainability is an important part of the farm’s operation, these objectives begin with high-quality pasture: “We believe the health of the pasture is the heart of the farm,” explains Rob. For that reason, Sierra View’s rich organic pastures never receive synthetic fertilizers and cattle are rotationally grazed, ensuring they enjoy the most nutritious forage and that the pastures are never over-grazed. Cattle are raised on native foothill pastures in the winter and spring, and moved to adjoining irrigated clover-rich pasture for the summer and fall. Over the winter months they are fed hay cut on the farm during the summer months. Rob is proud that his cattle have very little stress, unlike industrial beef cattle that spend the last months of their lives confined on a dirt feedlot.

Sierra View Farms is committed to providing their customers with the highest-quality and healthiest beef from their pasture-raised cattle. “It seems the natural way of things for us,” explains Rob. “Taking care of our animals leads directly to a better tasting, healthier, and more nutritious burger.” Research has shown that grassfed beef is not only lower in overall fat and in saturated fat, but it has the added advantage of providing two to four times more omega-3 fatty acids, which play a vital role in every cell and organ system in the human body.

Sierra View Farms invites the public to make appointments to come see their operation for themselves. Sierra View Farms’ grassfed beef is available in quarters, halves, and wholes. The beef is dry aged for 21 days and custom-cut to their customers’ specifications. To learn more about Sierra View Farm, visit To place an order, contact Rob at (209) 484-2249 or

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