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Triple H Beef – Dysart, Saskatchewan

Leonard Pigott was born and raised on a diversified farm. He went away to university and worked as livestock specialist with the government for many years, before beginning his own farm in 2002. Now he puts his knowledge as a trained educator in Holistic Management into practice on a 2,200-acre ranch in Dysart, Saskatchewan, that he calls Triple H Beef. Leonard explains that, “The ‘H’s’ refer to healthy bodies, holistic living, and healing the land,” and believes that these three objectives go hand-in-hand: “If the land isn’t healthy, we don’t have anything.”

Leonard manages around 300 head of cattle at any given time with cows, calves, and yearlings. They are mainly Black Angus with Red Angus and a little Galloway to give the cattle a thicker coat against the harsh Saskatchewan winters. Triple H Beef ranch covers rolling hills and forested bluffs, with many watering holes, making planned grazing easier.

Raising his cattle on pasture is paramount to Triple H Beef’s practices. “We hardly ever bring cattle into the yard to feed like other ranchers. They’re always out grazing,” says Leonard. This is important for his cattle’s welfare, but it also benefits the land: “Our goal is to improve the water and mineral cycle on our land by how we graze the cattle. We graze each paddock only once a year to mimic how the buffalo grazed the plains. This allows each grass plant within a paddock a complete recovery, thus strengthening it and the soil.” Frequent rotation of his cattle ensures they benefit from eating the most nutritious grasses and also helps to break up the lifecycle of internal parasites, as parasites are effectively left behind without a host each time the cattle move to a new paddock. This avoids the need for routine chemical wormers.

Triple H Beef cattle never receive grain, supplements or added hormones. Leonard rarely needs to treat his cattle for lice and warbles, which afflict other producers in the region, because his management approaches help to minimize the risks. The cattle herd on Triple H Beef ranch is AWA Grassfed, the first—and only—food label in Canada that guarantees food products come from animals fed a 100% grass and forage diet, and raised entirely outdoors on pasture or range. Leonard expects that his AWA Grassfed certification will become more and more important to consumers as animal welfare becomes more of a priority for the public.

Grassfed beef from Triple H Beef’s AWA Grassfed-certified cattle herd is available direct from the farm. Triple H Beef is also an AWA source farm for beef cattle and is approved to raise and sell live beef cattle to other AWA farms—including well-known TK Ranch in Hanna, Alberta. To learn more about Triple H Beef, visit or contact Leonard at (306) 331-9252 or

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