Animal Welfare Approved

LMJ Farms – Byers, CO

Martha Jones grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, but always wanted to live on a farm. In 2008, she and her husband, Lloyd, bought 38 acres of high desert in Byers, Colorado, where they could start the farm she’d always dreamed of.

Martha and Lloyd began by planting high-quality grasses for pasture on the land that had previously grown wheat and, in their second year, they began to introduce livestock. Today, the Joneses manage a flock of AWA-certified pasture-raised chickens for fresh eggs, which they sell to the local community. As LMJ Farms is an AWA source farm for beef cattle, they are also approved to raise and sell live beef cattle to other AWA farms.

Letting their animals range free on pasture is the most important aspect of their animal husbandry practices. “I believe it’s healthier for both people and animals to be outside,” Martha says. “We need exercise just like animals, which you can’t get lock in a pen.” Becoming AWA-certified has enabled the couple to learn more about high-welfare management practices and ensure they’re raising their animals according to the highest standards. “I grew up in the city and have a steep learning curve,” explains Martha. “I thought being part of an organization like this would be a great way to learn more about the humane treatment of animals.”

In the future, Lloyd and Martha hope to increase their flock and herd sizes and add hogs to the farm. To contact the Joneses about their beef cattle or pasture-raised eggs, email or call them at or (651) 263-7290.


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