Animal Welfare Approved

Branched Oak Farm—Raymond, NE

Branched Oak Farm

Branched Oak Farm

Doug and Krista Dittman raise Certified AWA beef and dairy cattle on pasture at Branched Oak Farm in Raymond, Nebraska.

The Dittmans manage their 240-acre farm with the help of their sons, Nelson and Andreas. “We’re committed to preserving the land and creating farmstead products that are healthy and wholesome, free of chemicals, antibiotics or administered hormones,” says Doug. “We take pride in knowing that our products are made with sustainable, certified organic and Certified AWA methods.”

Doug and Krista raise Jersey cattle, which thrive on grass and produce delicious, nutrient-rich milk. “Being a farmstead operation, we have the advantage of being able to milk our cows and make cheese onsite,” explains Krista. “Our milking facility and cheese making facility are attached. The cows are brought in each morning and milked. The milk is collected and then chilled in the bulk tank. Depending on the type of cheese we’re going to make, it’s either pasteurized in the cheese vat or used to make raw milk cheese. Our cheese is aged in our very own cave. This temperature- and humidity-controlled environment allows our cheese to ripen to perfection.”

Certified AWA beef and cheeses from Branched Oak Farm are available at a variety of retail stores, as well as seasonally at Old Cheney Farmers’ Market in Lincoln. Products are also available year round at the Branch Oak Inconvenience Store on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except major holidays), or online at