Animal Welfare Approved


AWA is the nation’s leading farm certifier, auditing independent family farms across the U.S. and Canada according to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. What makes us unique, however, is that we don’t charge farmers or ranchers a single penny to join the program. This means we can remain completely impartial in our farm auditing; but it also means we are entirely reliant on the generosity of our supporters and donors to help us to continue with our important work. Your donation will help bring about real change in how we farm and feed ourselves.

How We Spend Your Donation

Your support will enable us to carry out a variety of important activities, including:

  • Technical Support: Transitioning to a high-welfare, sustainable farming system isn’t easy and can represent a steep learning curve for many farmers and ranchers. With your donation, we can provide ongoing technical support and help our farmers identify new market opportunities
  • Farm Approval: Our trained auditors are the best in the business—and that’s a fact. Your donation means we can send a trained auditor to every farm in the program at least once a year to carry out a farm audit, and ensure our farmers and ranchers are following the AWA standards to the letter
  • Good Husbandry Grants: Our Good Husbandry Grants program has funded over 200 projects across the U.S. to improve farm animal welfare. Your support will enable us to continue to offer small grants which make a big difference to animal welfare at the farm and slaughterhouse level
  • Consumer Education: Helping the public and policy makers to understand the impact of our food choices is the key to changing the way we farm and feed ourselves. With our help we can continue to visit schools, attend public events, and publish influential reports and other educational information.

AWA will not accept donations from farmers or producers; this would compromise our independent status.

Thank you for your patience while we develop a new online donation link.