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Grassland Graze – Hamilton, OH

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 11, 2016

Kip and Jen Kummerle raise Certified Grassfed by AGW beef cattle at Grassland Graze in Hamilton, Ohio. Growing up on his family’s 120-acre farm, Kip always knew he wanted to work with animals. He attended a small college to pursue a veterinary degree, which is where he was introduced to pasture-based agricultural systems. “I quickly learned that livestock on fresh pasture rarely need a veterinarian, and now I see that in my own herd,” Kip explains. “Our cattle rarely get sick because they are kept in balance with their environment.” After college, Kip moved home and started raising cattle, and has been growing the herd ever since.

Red Bird Acres – Corvallis, OR

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 5, 2016

Laura and Robin Sage have a deep love for the outdoors. They worked as educators and guides for many years but eventually put down roots in the Pacific Northwest. They had been producing their own food for a while before they decided to make a living through farming. To make the transition easier, Robin took on a year-long apprenticeship on a pasture-based livestock operation. They found land to lease soon after the apprenticeship ended—and their farming career began!

Baggett Family Farm – Godwin, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Jamie and Jacqueline Baggett, along with their son, Jeremiah, and daughter, Isabella, raise Certified AWA pigs at Baggett Family Farm in Godwin, North Carolina. As a fourth generation farmer, Jamie grew up in a farming family, while Jacqueline, originally from Fayetteville, took up an interest in farming after meeting Jamie. The Baggetts are proud to grow corn and soybeans and raise Certified AWA pigs on land that has been passed down from Jamie’s grandfather.

Heritage Hollow Farms – Sperryville, VA

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Both Molly and Mike Peterson grew up in rural Illinois. Mike comes from a family with a long history of farming, and both recall vivid childhood memories around farming and agriculture. In 2008, they made their way to Virginia, where Mike was working as a cook and butcher at The Inn at Little Washington. “Mike was passing this pasture-based farm every day on his way into work, and he was also getting a little tired of the cook thing,” says Molly. “He was looking for something different, so he started interning at this farm and, pretty soon, started managing the farm.” Molly, a professional photographer, loved the scenery on the farm, the daily connection she had with the animals and being able to work side by side with Mike on a daily basis. In 2013, they bought the farm business and started a long-term lease—and have grown the business ever since. They now rent around 850 acres across five different farms, where they raise grassfed sheep.

Crossings Farm – Lexington, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | July 28, 2016

Ben and Jennifer Rosecrans raise Certified AWA laying hens and pigs at Crossings Farm in Lexington, North Carolina. The Rosecrans family lives and farms land that has been in Jennifer’s family for more than 200 years. According to Jennifer, “At Crossings Farm, we look to produce healthy food while preserving the land that my family has cherished for so many years.”

Mud Dog Farm, LLC – Troutdale, OR

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Shawn Ueda has had a love for growing things for as long as he can remember. Unfortunately, he wasn’t raised to believe farming was a viable career option, and it wasn’t until his retirement years that he finally decided to take agriculture more seriously. By this time, his home garden and backyard chicken operation had become sizeable, so he decided to start selling excess to his local community and through farmers’ markets. Shawn also regularly donates his produce and eggs to the local food pantry: “Those in need should not have to live on poor quality produce,” he says. “We want everyone to share in our bounty of pesticide-free and nutritionally-dense eggs and vegetables.”

Dru’s Ducks – Powderhorn, CO

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Dru Yeager raises Certified AWA laying ducks outdoors on pasture in Powderhorn, Colorado. The farm consists of 50 acres of range located in a canyon, about 40 miles from Gunnison and Lake City. The property features ideal habitat for her ducks and includes a running water source: “We’re surrounded by mountains here!” says Dru. “I love watching the ducks swim around in the pond, acting out their natural behaviors. They’re very smart, too, and herd themselves into the coop at night.”

Asunta’s Browns Valley Farm – Marysville, CA

By Animal Welfare Approved | July 27, 2016

Dan and Asunta Presson raise Certified AWA laying hens on 15 acres in the foot hills of the Sierra Mountains in Marysville, CA, with 10 acres of open grassland and 5 acres of woodlot. The Pressons have been farming for the past five years and found they have a particular affinity for raising chickens outdoors on pasture.

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