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Brewer’s Farm – Greenwood, MS

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 26, 2015

James Brewer raises Certified AWA laying hens at Brewer’s Farm in Greenwood, Mississippi. “I was raised on a farm,” he says, “and I have owned this land for seven years.” In addition to managing his flock of pasture-raised laying hens, James grows vegetables such as okra, peas, squash, tomatoes, and variety of greens at Brewer’s Farm for sale to the local community.

Hannah Creek Pig Farm – Four Oaks, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 2, 2015

Kevin Massengill’s family has raised pigs in North Carolina for several generations. “We have been blessed to have been raised with the knowledge of where our food comes from,” he explains, “and to be mindful of good sustainability practices to be able to provide for future generations.” Kevin raises Certified AWA pigs with Gary Nord, Hannah Creek Pig Farm’s co-founder, on 80 acres of pasture and woodland, about 5 miles outside Four Oaks in Johnston County, North Carolina.

Beechcrest Farm – Chapel Hill, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 26, 2015

Armin and Amanda Lieth raise Certified AWA pigs at Beechrest Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Armin, a native of Germany, has a family heritage of farming that dates back over 400 years. In addition to his family’s farming history, Armin’s pasture-based farm management is influenced by his undergraduate degree in horticulture and his master’s degree in environmental science. Business entrepreneurs for the last 25 years, Armin and Amanda are now focused on sustainable, pasture-based farming at Beechcrest Farm.

Hillcrest Farm – Walkerton, Ontario

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 19, 2015

Dwayne Hachman is the third generation to farm the 150 acres of land in Bruce County, Ontario, that originally came into the Hachman family in 1929. He raises sheep, goats, and pigs on pasture at Hillcrest Farm near Walkerton with his wife, Jennfier, and their three children, Kaylia, Kyle and Jessica.

Lemieux Creek Ranch – Telkwa, BC

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 15, 2015

While he was in school, Les Yates spent many enjoyable summers helping his grandparents on their farm in southwest Ontario, and subsequently spent most of his working career trying to figure out how to get back to the land. In 1993, Les and his wife, Chris, were finally able to purchase 327-acre Lemieux Creek Ranch in the Bulkley Valley in northwest British Columbia, named after Eric Lemieux, the first French Canadian to settle on the land in 1904.

Blue Ledge Farm – Salisbury, VT

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 13, 2015

Although Hannah Sessions and Greg Bernhardt did not grow up in farming families, they were always drawn to the agrarian lifestyle because they enjoy physical labor and working with their hands. Also, “we felt like farming would also allow us more time together and with our kids,” explains Hannah. “It has turned out to be all of those things–and more.”

NFR Beef – Fallon, NV

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 8, 2015

Daniel and Patrick McDougall’s ancestors first settled in western Nevada in the 1860s after leaving the South during the Civil War, selling cattle to the Union Army and silver miners at the Comstock Lode—the first major discovery of silver ore in the country. Today, Daniel and Patrick continue their family’s ranching tradition as fourth generation cattle ranchers, headquartered in Fallon, Nevada.

Primetime Farms—Pahrump, NV

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Michaelene and J. Michael Griffin run Primetime Farms in Pahrump, Nevada, about 60 miles west of Las Vegas on the California-Nevada border. When they bought the property 20 years ago, they began raising thoroughbred race horses and warmblood sport horses, but expanded to other livestock after taking a course on biodynamic gardening that included the integration of animals. Now, in addition to vegetable production, Primetime Farms’ 10 acres is home to Certified AWA laying hens, meat chickens, and geese.

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