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The Good Farm (thegoodfarm) – Cobble Hill, BC

By Animal Welfare Approved | March 12, 2015

Located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and speckled with Big Leaf Sugar Maples, thegoodfarm is a five-acre parcel of land where Barbara Houston raises 140 Certified AWA laying ducks. Her passion for farming and ducks came from her love of animals–and the nutritious eggs that ducks produce–and she established thegoodfarm in 2013 with the core values of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare.

Capella Grazing Project – Bodega Bay, CA

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 27, 2015

In 2011, Marie Hoff began calling farmers and asking them if she could come visit their farms. She had no experience working on farms, but she knew that she liked to work outside, she liked working at farmers’ market stands, and she liked farmers. She started working where she could, learning from experience and research, and very quickly realized her interests lay with sheep and fiber.

Traders Hill Farms –Hilliard, FL

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 25, 2015

Angela TenBroeck and Richard Blaudow raise Certified AWA laying hens at Traders Hill Farms in Hilliard, Florida. The laying hens at Traders Hill Farms have constant access to pasture or range with plenty of room to perform natural behaviors like running, foraging, pecking, dust bathing, and scratching for grubs and seeds under the Florida sunshine. Not only is pasture management far better for animal welfare but it is also less likely to cause environmental degradation–and results in better tasting, more nutritious eggs, too! Research shows pasture-raised eggs have more beta carotene and higher levels of beneficial conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids when compared to conventional eggs.

Schmidt Farm –Saint Stephens Church, VA

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Howard Schmidt moved to Saint Stephens Church, Virginia, to escape city life in Richmond and have an opportunity to do what he enjoys—farming. Located on 20 acres, Schmidt Farm is surrounded by Virginia’s beautiful meandering creeks and woodlands. Howard began farming by raising goats and miniature horses, but started to manage pigs several years ago. “I happened upon some hogs from my neighbor,” he explains, “and got interested in traditional breeds from there.”

Buchholz and Son Farms, LLC— Mount Angel, OR

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Buchholz and Son Farms, LLC is a small, third-generation family farm in the heart of the Willamette Valley, near Mount Angel in Oregon. Carl Buccholz’s father bought the land with his brother in 1966. After many years working off the farm, Carl returned in 2014 after a strong sense of connection to his home drew him back. Working closely with his aging father, Carl now manages the family’s orchard of fruit and nut trees, a large vegetable garden, and a flock of pasture-raised Certified AWA laying hens.

Beartrack Farm – Turkey, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 13, 2015

Sharon Funderburk was born and raised on a dairy farm in Union County, North Carolina. She grew up helping her grandfather milk cows, plant fields, and harvest produce. “By the time I went to college,” Sharon says, “I wanted to study something completely apart from agriculture.” After studying cultural anthropology, Sharon took some time off to work on a farm before pursuing a Master of Science in horticulture at North Carolina State University. Sharon then worked for 15 years as a consultant, offering agronomic services to farmers before the opportunity arose for her to work in corporate organics management. In 2010, feeling the pull to return to her roots on the farm, Sharon purchased 50 acres of woodlands and pasture in Turkey, NC, which would become Beartrack Farm. Sharon has been farming full time at Beartrack Farm since June 2013, and raises Certified AWA beef cattle, sheep, laying hens, and pigs. She has added a greenhouse, barn, grain bins, and a home for her to live in, all the while paying special attention to developing habitats and systems that promote the health and well-being of the animals—both farmed and wild.

Fieldstone Acres – Campbell, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Aaron Moultrup, general construction business owner, and his wife, Kerry, a teacher, both grew up in hardworking families. When they decided to buy an old farmhouse and land in the southern tier of New York state neither of them had any real farming experience. Not wanting the property to sit idle, they soon got “the itch” to farm and started plowing and planting the fields. As time went on, and kids came along and jobs consumed the majority of their time, they decided to put up some fences and begin raising animals. Today, Aaron and Kerry raise Certified AWA beef cattle on 450 acres of pasture at Fieldstone Acres in Campbell, New York, with the help of Rob Deyoung Jr., friend and farm partner.

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