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Whistlin’ Hollow Farm – Afton, VA

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 2, 2014

Whistlin’ Hollow Farm is nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, with picturesque high pastures, a creek, and fertile bottomlands. Owners Kate Mahanes and Jim Fleming raise AWA sheep that thrive on the grassy hillsides. They also maintain local fields for grazing and hay.

North Country Creamery – Keeseville, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | April 24, 2014

Ashleey Kleinhammer and her partner, Steven Googin, raise AWA-certified dairy cows at North Country Creamery on 112 acres of half-wooded land in Keeseville, New York. After graduating in 2006, Ashlee worked on numerous farms across New York and Vermont. She started by working on educational farms for summer camps and visiting student programs, but soon discovered her real passion was the “behind-the-scenes, in-the-dirt work,” and, specifically, “hands-on-teats” farming! Always inexplicably fond of the bovine, Ashlee now runs North Country Creamery and manages the farm’s 20 milking cows, seven heifers, and seven calves.

Rock Hollow Dairy – Loysville, PA

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Farming has always been a part of Neil Hertzler’s life. Coming from a long line of dairy farmers, Neil grew up on his family’s farm—a 300-acre property on the rolling hills of Perry County, PA, purchased in 1978 by his father. As an adult, Neil worked with his father for 12 years, before purchasing the farm with his wife, Kilah. The couple now raise AWA dairy cattle at Rock Hollow Dairy in Loysville, Pennsylvania.

The Green Shepherd Farm, LLC – Bovina, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Stephen and Annette Robbins manage a flock of Animal Welfare Approved Finnsheep sheep at The Green Shepherd Farm, LLC in Bovina, New York. The couple met over 7 years ago in New York City, where Stephen worked as a designer and Annette as an analyst for a major bank. After years of city living, the Robbins decided to leave New York City for good and pursue their dream of having a farm.

Full Moon Farm – Gardiner, NY

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Paul Colucci and Laura Watson started Full Moon Farm in 2000, with an original plan to produce enough meat for their family and high-quality wool to use in Laura’s functional fiber art. Their plan ended up working so well that Paul decided he wanted to add beef cattle to their small operation. Today, Paul and Laura raise over 150 head of Animal Welfare Approved Devon and Angus beef cattle on 300 acres of prime farmland at Full Moon Farm in Ulster County, New York.

In Theory Farm – Angier, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | April 18, 2014

Lindsey Cobb and Rachel Lilly raise AWA dairy cattle, dairy goats, and laying hens at In Theory Farm in Angier, North Carolina. Their 10-acre farm is rich with history and the house was built in 1890. However, the property was in such a rough state when they purchased it in 2010 that, “We found ourselves constantly pondering if one thing or another would work out the way we planned,” explains Rachel. “Our answer was always ‘in theory, it will.’” And thus the farm earned its name. As Rachel and Lindsey continue to add new aspects to the farm and face new challenges, they feel the farm name is as applicable now as it was when they first began.

Working Cows Dairy – Slocomb, AL

By Animal Welfare Approved |

In 1985, Jan and Rinske de Jong came to America (“the land of opportunity”) from Holland, with a dream to establish their own dairy. With the $5,000 they had saved in Holland, Jan and Rinske started working as relief milkers on several farms in Florida, before renting land and slowly building up their own herd.

Thanksgiving Farm at the Center for Discovery – Harris, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | April 11, 2014

Situated 80 miles north-west of New York City, Thanksgiving Farm at the Center for Discovery is a not-for-profit farm in the Catskill Mountains of Sullivan County. Founded in 1948, the Center provides health, educational and residential services for approximately 500 children and adults (ages 5 to 78) with severe disabilities and medical frailties, including a growing number of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.Thanksgiving Farm is designed to provide both quality food for the Center and meaningful work for the residents who live there.

Kingbird Farms – Galt, CA

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Situated about six miles north-west of Galt, California, Kingbird Farms is a 5-acre mixed farm, set within the 46,000-acre Cosumnes River Preserve. The Preserve is an important wildlife habitat and is home to numerous migratory birds, such as the Western Kingbird—a grey and yellow songbird that is abundant on the property from April to September, and from which the farm takes its name.