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Family Farms

Copper Tail Farm – Waldoboro, ME

By Animal Welfare Approved | November 7, 2016

Jon and Christelle McKee met in Oregon, where Christelle had a small homestead with a garden and chickens. The couple decided to spend a year as farmhands on a cattle and goat farm. They fell in love with farming—and with goats in particular!—and knew they wanted to start a farm of their own. They decided to move back to the East Coast and chose Maine, largely due to the state’s strong support for small farmers. In the summer of 2013 they moved cross country to lease a farm site unseen, and a year later they purchased their own farm in Maine’s Midcoast region and became a licensed dairy.

Mother Cluckin’ Chicken Farm – Hopkins, SC

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 28, 2016

Christina Lowe raises Certified AWA laying hens at Mother Cluckin’ Chicken Farm in Hopkins, South Carolina. Christina grew up on horse and cattle farms; when she moved to Columbia, South Carolina, to go to school, she realized how much she missed the farming lifestyle. “When my husband, Jimmy, and I moved to Hopkins, I knew we had to have ‘something’ that would remind me of the farms I had growing up,” says Christina. “A friend of ours gave us two chickens and that’s where it all began! I fell in love with them, learned so much in the process, and now we have many more. We enjoy our chickens so much that we decided to share our passion with others.”

Past Ur Time Farm – Rutherfordton, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 9, 2016

Julie and Stephen DeMilt raise Certified AWA pigs at Past Ur Time Farm in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. While neither Julie nor Stephen grew up in a farming family, both had a mutual interest in farming and decided to learn more about it. The interest grew into a passion and they purchased the 30-acre farm near Rutherfordton in 2012. It was the former owner of the farm who first introduced Julie and Stephen to AWA certification; as they became more settled on the farm, they knew they were interested in raising livestock and pursuing AWA certification.

Rag & Frass Farm – Jeffersonville, GA

By Animal Welfare Approved |

Julia Asherman moved to Georgia in 2009, after graduating college with a degree in fine art, and fell in love with the long growing season, hot summers, challenging soil and Southern country ways. With a green thumb inherited from both her mother and grandmother, she began farming and established Rag & Frass Farm in 2012, where she grows vegetables, cut flowers and raises Certified AWA laying hens and ducks for eggs.

Paideia School Farm – Atlanta, GA

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 18, 2016

With the help of student farmers, their families and teachers, Tania Herbert, farm manager of the Paideia School Farm, raises Certified AWA laying hens at a number of small urban farm sites for The Paideia School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grassland Graze – Hamilton, OH

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 11, 2016

Kip and Jen Kummerle raise Certified Grassfed by AGW beef cattle at Grassland Graze in Hamilton, Ohio. Growing up on his family’s 120-acre farm, Kip always knew he wanted to work with animals. He attended a small college to pursue a veterinary degree, which is where he was introduced to pasture-based agricultural systems. “I quickly learned that livestock on fresh pasture rarely need a veterinarian, and now I see that in my own herd,” Kip explains. “Our cattle rarely get sick because they are kept in balance with their environment.” After college, Kip moved home and started raising cattle, and has been growing the herd ever since.

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