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Minneola Organic Farms – Zumbrota, MN

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 25, 2016

Bruce Trevis and Brenda Rogers raise Certified AWA laying hens outdoors on pasture at Minneola Organic Farms in Zumbrota, Minnesota. Bruce and Brenda first learned about the AWA program through the People’s Food Coop in Rochester, a community-owned grocery store dedicated to supporting local, sustainable farms, who asked them to certify. Retailers and consumers alike understand the importance of supporting independent, family-farmers whose responsible agricultural practices provide positive stewardship of the environment and the animals under their care.

Pigeon River Farm–Clintonville, WI

By Emily | December 4, 2015

Bob and Kim Braun raise Certified AWA laying hens on pasture at Pigeon River Farm, which is set on the southern branch of the Pigeon River in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.