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Gosherd Valley Cottage—Morrison, MO

By Emily | December 11, 2015
Gosherd Valley Cottage--December 2015 #1

Connie Cunningham, her sister, Chris, and brother-in-law, Chuck, raise Certified AWA geese outdoors on pasture at Gosherd Valley Cottage in Morrison, Missouri.

Pigeon River Farm–Clintonville, WI

By Emily | December 4, 2015

Bob and Kim Braun raise Certified AWA laying hens on pasture at Pigeon River Farm, which is set on the southern branch of the Pigeon River in Waupaca County, Wisconsin.

Creekside Farm – Athens, OH

By Animal Welfare Approved | November 23, 2015

Paul Tomcho and Krista Duval established Creekside Farm in Athens, Ohio, on property which had been abandoned for over 25 years, resulting in an overgrowth of brush in the pastures. The couple originally planned to use a small herd of goats to clear the brush and prepare the land for dairy cattle, but as time passed, they decided the landscape and terrain were a better fit for a fulltime herd of browsing, hillside-loving goats.

Brattset Family Farm—Jefferson, WI

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 3, 2015

Second generation farmer Kirsten Jurcek and her family (Pat, Jessica and Jacob Jurcek), her brother, Damon, and his family (Trish and Bethany Brattset), and their mother, Weenonah Brattset, raise Certified Grassfed by AWA beef cattle and Certified AWA dairy cattle on 146 acres of pasture at Brattset Family Farm in the rolling drumlin fields of southeast Wisconsin.

Auntie Annie’s Fields—Dundas, MN

By Animal Welfare Approved | March 16, 2015

Elizabeth O’Sullivan and Ian Rhoades raise Certified AWA laying hens on pasture at Auntie Annie’s Fields in Dundas, Minnesota. Growing up, Elizabeth’s father always kept a small flock of laying hens, and she and Ian went on to work on vegetable farms and a dairy farm before settling down in Minneapolis.