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Eastman Farm – Barnard, VT

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 9, 2015

Joseph and Amy Morel, along with the help of employee, Matthew Farrington, raise Certified AWA beef cattle and pigs at Eastman Farm in Windsor County, Vermont. Joseph is a seventh generation farmer: “I grew up on a farm and I feel like my parents helped instill in me a strong empathy for animals,” says Joseph. “I got back into farming because I had young children and I knew I wanted to feed them better food. To me, treating animals well is the most important thing. I’ve gotten so much out of my relationship with animals over my life.”

Millstone Farm – Wilton, CT

By Animal Welfare Approved | September 3, 2015

Millstone Farm in Wilton, Connecticut, is home to Certified AWA laying hens, pigs, and sheep, managed by Betsy Fink, owner, and the farm’s manager, Johnny Cameron. The focus at Millstone Farm is to make local food production the norm, rather than the exception. Millstone Farm is dedicated to producing food for the local community using only sustainable, environmentally sound and high-welfare agricultural techniques.

Dill Family Farm – Deerfield, NH

By Animal Welfare Approved | August 27, 2015

Alden and Catherine Dill raise Certified AWA beef cattle at Dill Family Farm in Deerfield, New Hampshire. Both Alden and Catherine grew up on dairy farms: “We wanted to make sure we had something to pass on to our kids,” says Alden. “Our farm was built in 1790 and has been a productive farm the entire time. We were the first people to buy the property out of the family, but we’ve committed to keeping it an active farm.”

Eco Valley Farm – Allegany, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | June 12, 2015

Jeanne and Jim Finch and their daughter, Maeve, raise Certified Grassfed by AWA beef cattle at Eco Valley Farm in Cattaraugus County, New York. Both Jim and Jeanne are first generation farmers: “We have always had a passion for farming and the life it builds,” says Jim. “We only started six short years ago; however, the more we grow, the more we want to grow, both as farmers and the lifestyle it brings.”

Beechcrest Farm – Chapel Hill, NC

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 26, 2015

Armin and Amanda Lieth raise Certified AWA pigs at Beechrest Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Armin, a native of Germany, has a family heritage of farming that dates back over 400 years. In addition to his family’s farming history, Armin’s pasture-based farm management is influenced by his undergraduate degree in horticulture and his master’s degree in environmental science. Business entrepreneurs for the last 25 years, Armin and Amanda are now focused on sustainable, pasture-based farming at Beechcrest Farm.

Hillcrest Farm – Walkerton, Ontario

By Animal Welfare Approved | May 19, 2015

Dwayne Hachman is the third generation to farm the 150 acres of land in Bruce County, Ontario, that originally came into the Hachman family in 1929. He raises sheep, goats, and pigs on pasture at Hillcrest Farm near Walkerton with his wife, Jennfier, and their three children, Kaylia, Kyle and Jessica.

Gallagher’s Stud – Ghent, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | April 16, 2015

Mallory Mort grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania and later studied animal production at Penn State University. Upon graduating, Mallory worked in the horse program at his alma mater. A few years later, as someone with experience raising both cattle and horses, Mallory was offered a position at Gallagher’s Stud in 1979–and has continued working there ever since. Today, he raises Certified Grassfed by AWA beef cattle on 550 acres of pasture at Gallagher’s Stud in Ghent, New York, with the help of Marlene Brody, friend and farm owner.

Rodale Institute – Kutztown, PA

By Animal Welfare Approved | April 6, 2015

Rodale Institute, a 333-acre working farm near Kutztown, PA, is one of the world’s leading non-profit research facilities dedicated to organic farming. Founded in 1947 by J.I. Rodale, the Rodale Institute is committed to groundbreaking research in organic agriculture and sharing their findings with farmers and scientists throughout the world, as well as advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating consumers about the healthiest options for people and the planet. The pigs, laying hens, and dairy goats at Rodale Institute are now Certified AWA, further demonstrating the organization’s commitment to the care of animals, land and the local community.

Fieldstone Acres – Campbell, NY

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 13, 2015

Aaron Moultrup, general construction business owner, and his wife, Kerry, a teacher, both grew up in hardworking families. When they decided to buy an old farmhouse and land in the southern tier of New York state neither of them had any real farming experience. Not wanting the property to sit idle, they soon got “the itch” to farm and started plowing and planting the fields. As time went on, and kids came along and jobs consumed the majority of their time, they decided to put up some fences and begin raising animals. Today, Aaron and Kerry raise Certified AWA beef cattle on 450 acres of pasture at Fieldstone Acres in Campbell, New York, with the help of Rob Deyoung Jr., friend and farm partner.

Foggy Brook Farm – Fairfield, VT

By Animal Welfare Approved | January 8, 2015

Christine Kubacz grew up gardening with her mom and eating home cooked food made with whole, fresh ingredients. As an adult, Christine tried a few different professions, but kept finding herself drawn back to her roots, and so she began making her own path and career as a farmer. Today, Christine and husband, John, raise Certified AWA laying hens at Foggy Brook Farm in Fairfield, Vermont.

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