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Wingham Farms – Manning, OR

By Animal Welfare Approved | April 2, 2015

In 2013, when Daniel Lee and Julie Sikkink’s children were grown and gone, the couple decided to put their passion for good food into practice by purchasing Wingham Farms in the Willamette Valley. The 100-acre property allowed both Daniel and Julie to get back to their farming roots: Julie is a fifth generation farmer and had always dreamt of having a farm of her own; Daniel had worked his way through university in England by laboring on farms.

Work Horse Organic Agriculture (WHOA Farm) – Santa Rosa, CA

By Animal Welfare Approved | March 16, 2015

Work Horse Organic Agriculture (WHOA) was established on 16 acres in Santa Rosa, California, in 2011 by Eddie Gelsman and his wife, Wendy Mardigian. From the very outset, the non-profit’s focus was to produce “the best food money can’t buy”—providing sustainably grown food at no cost to thousands of families who are living in poverty in the community. Balyn and Elli Rose, who had both studied agroecology at UC Santa Cruz, and had been farming in Sonoma County since 2008, joined WHOA in 2012 to manage the farm.

The Good Farm (thegoodfarm) – Cobble Hill, BC

By Animal Welfare Approved | March 12, 2015

Located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and speckled with Big Leaf Sugar Maples, thegoodfarm is a five-acre parcel of land where Barbara Houston raises 140 Certified AWA laying ducks. Her passion for farming and ducks came from her love of animals–and the nutritious eggs that ducks produce–and she established thegoodfarm in 2013 with the core values of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare.

Capella Grazing Project – Bodega Bay, CA

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 27, 2015

In 2011, Marie Hoff began calling farmers and asking them if she could come visit their farms. She had no experience working on farms, but she knew that she liked to work outside, she liked working at farmers’ market stands, and she liked farmers. She started working where she could, learning from experience and research, and very quickly realized her interests lay with sheep and fiber.

Buchholz and Son Farms, LLC— Mount Angel, OR

By Animal Welfare Approved | February 19, 2015

Buchholz and Son Farms, LLC is a small, third-generation family farm in the heart of the Willamette Valley, near Mount Angel in Oregon. Carl Buccholz’s father bought the land with his brother in 1966. After many years working off the farm, Carl returned in 2014 after a strong sense of connection to his home drew him back. Working closely with his aging father, Carl now manages the family’s orchard of fruit and nut trees, a large vegetable garden, and a flock of pasture-raised Certified AWA laying hens.

Los Vallecitos Grass Fed Meats – Mora, NM

By Animal Welfare Approved | January 16, 2015

Los Vallecitos Grass Fed Meats sits at almost 9,000 feet elevation, with beautiful views of the Mora Valley. The farm is comprised of 600 acres, 300 of which have belonged to Richard Fresquez’s family since the time of Spanish land grants that were established in New Mexico during the 17th Century. Today, he and his partner, Carla Gomez, who purchased an adjoining 300-acre property, raise Certified AWA meat sheep, meat goats, beef cattle, and laying hens on the land where his ancestors raised food long before them.

Willow Grove Farm – Hanna, AB

By Animal Welfare Approved | December 17, 2014

Jocelyn Biggs is the third generation of her family to live and work on the land in southeastern Alberta where her grandfather began farming in 1956. As the oldest of four girls who were homeschooled on the family ranch, Jocelyn took on many farm business responsibilities in her teenage years, and still works and lives on TK Ranch, her family’s 10,000-acre ranch, where she is responsible for managing inventory, customer relations, and weekly deliveries.

Princeville Ranch – Hanalei, HI

By Animal Welfare Approved | December 11, 2014

Karin Carswell Guest’s great great uncle, Albert Wilcox, began managing 2,500-acre Princeville Ranch on the north shore of Kauai in 1895. Although the property changed hands several times after that, Karin’s family returned in 1978 when her parents, Donn and Gale Carswell, got permission from the ranch’s owners to lead visitors through the property on horseback riding adventures to destinations on the ranch.

Long Dream Farm – Lincoln, CA

By Animal Welfare Approved | December 4, 2014

After years of research and planning, Andrew and Krista Abrahams and their four children finally took the plunge and moved from the East Coast in 2011 to establish a farm. They settled in Lincoln, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains on a 90-acre property made up of rolling hills, oak and pine trees, and a pristine creek, and named their family venture Long Dream Farm.

Sirianni Farms – Elk, WA

By Animal Welfare Approved | November 21, 2014

Whereas Jeanette Sirianni grew up on a 240-acre ranch south of Cheney, Washington, and began raising sheep and goats when she was just 14, Warren, her husband, was, in Jeanette’s words, “a city-boy.” It took some convincing after they met one another to bring him out to Elk in 2010 where the couple established Sirianni Farms. The 65-acre farm, just 20 miles west of the Idaho border, is now home to Certified AWA meat goats, sheep, and laying hens.

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