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Farm-to-Farm Sales

How to Place a Farm-to-Farm Ad

AWA farmers may use this service to advertise to buy, sell or exchange animals as well as farm equipment or other farm accessories. Only Animal Welfare Approved compliant animals or breeding stock suitable for the program can be bought and sold. All advertisements will be approved before posting. Acceptance of a listing in no way makes AWA responsible for the quality or suitability of the listing for the purpose advertised.

If you wish to place an advertisement on our website, please complete the Farm-to-Farm Sales Form. There are no fees to place an advertisement. Please call (202) 546-5292 or email if you have any questions.

Please be cautious when contacted by a potential buyer. We recommend that you:

  • Deal locally, face-to-face
  • Do not extend payment to anyone you have not met in person
  • Beware of offers involving shipping
  • Never wire funds (e.g. Western Union)
  • Don’t accept cashier/certified checks or money orders
  • Avoid third party transactions
  • Never give out financial info


Highland Bulls – For Sale

Jarrettsville, MD

6 Highland bulls that are 12 months to 18 phone for sale. Price TBD. Contact Debra Speyer of Shoulderbone Farm at (215) 519-6426 or email  Posted 8/18/2016

Irish Dexter Cattle – For Sale

Brandon, VT

Irish Dexter Cattle Registered, foundation breeding stock for sale because of retirement. Black, Red and Dun. Cows, heifers and 2 steers. 100% grass fed. Excellent bloodlines. Health tested. $800-1800.  Contact Charles and Susan Whiting of Spotted Dog Family Farm at (802) 247-6076 or email  Posted 8/18/2016

Certified AWA Piglets – For Sale

Vilas, NC

Certified AWA, pasture-raised fifteen baby pigs ready to go the middle of August, Hampshire Tamworth /Old Spot. Very fast-growing.  $80.  Contact Melinda Brown at The Never Ending Farm at 828-773-5453 or email  Posted 7/26/2016


Certified AWA/Certified Grassfed by AGW Cattle – Cattle for Sale

Monticello, FL

Commercial Grassfed Cattle. We have bred cows with calf at side. Open and Bred Heifers, Steers, Bulls.
Commercial herd is predominately Angus/Devon. Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grassfed by AGW, American Grassfed Association member. Contact Susan Simmons at Edgewood Operations LLC at 850-499-9901 or Posted 7/22/2016


Certified AWA Mangalitsa Breeding Sows, Boar – For Sale

Grass Valley, CA

Our high welfare, pasture-based hog farm has a breeding trio of Mangalitsa hogs for sale. Our beautiful and friendly animals are healthy and well-trained to a pasture-based system. This young, proven breeding group of two sows and their companion boar is available We are asking $5750 for the trio and are open to sales of individual pigs for $2000 each. We will include a litter of weaned and castrated piglets (born late July 2016) with purchase of the entire trio.

You can expect each sow to farrow twice per year with an average of 9 piglets per litter. The sows farrow in the field (with their boar) when provided adequate shelter.

Mangalitsa meat is highly sought after by chefs, particularly those interested in charcuterie. Please be in touch if you are interested in starting or adding to a hog breeding operation.

We are located in Grass Valley, CA, about an hours drive from Sacramento. On-farm pick-up is best and we can haul the animals for a fee.  Contact Paul Glowaski and Molly Nakaharal of Dinner Bell Farm by phone: (510) 501-2742 or by email: Posted 7/22/2016


Reg Certified AWA Berkshire Elite Breeding Gilts – For Sale

Herald, CA

For the first time we are selling some of our elite replacement gilts they are Double Legend on the mothers side and Double on the Father’s side, Legend known for making great moms. We are proud to offer these Gilts for sale. We have a PQA in place so all visits are by apt only, would be happy to send photos All gilts come with their Reg paperwork for no additional cost. $650. Contact Brien and Debbie Campbell of Hog and Dogs Ranch by phone: (916) 688-0913 or by email: Posted 7/19/2016


Certified AWA Hair Meat Sheep – For Sale

Staunton, VA

Commercial Hair lambs for breeding or to raise for meat production. Excellent health and parasite resistance from our closed flock of 50-100% Kathadin ewes, ewe lambs and uncastrated ram lambs. Also F1 cross Cheviot /Bluefaced Leicester lambs and pure Border Cheviots available. Want to work with other Certified AWA producers.  $ 150-300 depending on age and quality. Contact Kate Mahanes and Jim Fleming of Indigo Hills Ranch by email: or by phone: (434) 760-1515 by day or (434) 760-3030. Posted 6/30/2016

Certified AWA Pastured Pigs Breeding Stock – For Sale

Norway, SC

Offering Piglets and some older breeding stock for sale. 5th+ generation pastured genetics. Bred for pasture performance, mothering ability, teat count, temperament, early marbling. Very high quality, low maintenance pigs with highly desired genetics. Lg Black boars crossed with Tamworth or Bluebutt sows. Boars – $85, Gilts – $100. Contact David Crafton of Six Oaks Farm by email: or phone: (803) 580-7448. Posted 6/30/2016


Certified AWA Dexter Cattle – For Sale

Finger Lakes, NY

We have a few purebred Dexter cattle (cows and bulls) for sale. Our herd produces excellent small, purebred, chondro-free Dexters that are superior for milk and meat, and have gentle temperaments. We work very closely with our herd as we hand milk them for our micro-dairy Kefir cheese business. Our cattle are treated like pets, so they are friendly and easy to handle. We are very careful where we place them, and we do ask for pictures of your farm so we feel confident that our cattle will be in good hands. Please visit our website: for more details.  Prices vary according to specific cows and bulls, please call for more information.  Contact Rose Marie Belforti of Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery, LLC by email: or phone: 315-364-3581. Posted 6/27/2016

Certified AWA 2016 ADGA registered Oberhasli Buckling – For Sale

Leicester, NC

ADGA registered Oberhasli Buckling (Calypso Moon OMCA Finn) for sale. D.O.B.: 04-11-2016; disbudded; extremely friendly; both Dam (Oakmoon PHSL Capella) and Sire (Van Just Echo By Serendipity) Certified AWA. $300. Contact Brigit Conlen of Conlen Farms at Posted 6/24/2016.

Certified AWA Pure Bred Jersey Milking Cows, Heifers, and Calves – For Sale

Ghent, NY

Certified AWA and exclusively grass fed pure bred jersey milking cows, heifers and calves for sale. Lost bottling plant and have to liquidate.  $1,500 per cow.  Contact Dan Gibson of Grazin’ Angus Acres at (518) 929-0628 or Posted 6/16/16.


Herd of Certified AWA Beef Cattle and Beef Business – For Sale

Loysville, PA

Needing to retire. Looking for someone to rent our farm, purchase our business and cattle. Closed herd (for over 20 years) of 50 Limousin/Charolais/Angus cross cattle (17 mama’s, 14 calves, 1 herd bull, 18 various sizes of weaned fattening heifers and bulls) Certified organic by PCO, 100% grass fed, AGA and Certified AWA. Large farm house available for rent as well as farm that can be used for other enterprises (hogs and chickens) in addition to the cattle.
Beef business well established with a customer base and access to a local certified organic, Certified AWA butcher ( 7 miles away).  We are willing to mentor the purchaser of this operation for up to two years.  $99,000 for cattle, $68,000 for business.  Contact Jonas and Judy Stoltzfus of JuJo Acres at (717) 536-3618 or  Posted 6/13/16.

Certified AWA Chicks – Pullets/Cockerals for Sale

Stoughton, WI

Our chicks are hatching right now! They are sex links so they can be sexed at birth so you can know you are getting pullets (females). We have a black sex link that will grow up to be black with red barring around the neck and a brown sex link that will most likely be all brown when grown. The black sex links are either Maran or Partridge Rocks crossed on to either a Buckeye, New Hampshire or Turken rooster. The brown sex links are either White Rocks or Delawares with the same roosters. These are all dual purpose breeds and the offspring will lay well. Pick up in Stoughton WI. $4 pullets, $1.50 cockerals. Contact Erica Solis and Joel Helge of Emancipation Acres at (815) 721-6186 or Posted 6/9/2016.

Certified AWA Belted Galloway Heifers and Bulls – Cattle for Sale

Buskirk, NY

Herd reduction of our 100% grassfed Belted Galloway closed herd. Heifers (yearlings and two-year olds), one registered bull (8 yr. old previously our herd sire) and other yearling and two-year old bulls. $1000-2200. Contact Cynthia and Larry Blakemore of Blakemore Farm at or (518) 677-3677. Posted 6/2016

Certified AWA Cattle – Cattle for Sale

Buffalo, MO

4 Angus (6-8 yo) bred to Final Answer II due 9/16. $2200 each. 7 Amerifax (4 yo) bred to South Poll due 8/16. $2600 each. 3 Angus (5-7 yo) bred to South Poll $2200 each. 5 Balancer Heifers bred to South Poll (Certified Grassfed by AGW) due 9/16. $2600 each. 1 Amerifax Bull (5/8 AN/3/8 Beef Friesian) AI out of DPR. 13 mo (Certified Grassfed by AGW). $2750. Also, 3 Amerifax steers, 800-900 lbs (Certified Grassfed by AGW). $1800 each. All bred cows are current on all shots & pre-checked 4/16. Contact Brad Hare from High Springs Farm at (417) 345-1261 for more information. Posted 4/2016

3 1-Year-Old Heifers & 2 4-Year-Old Bred Cows – Cattle for Sale

Cedar Rapids, IA

3 certified AWA & AGA one year old Black Angus cross heifers. Great breeding stock, $1,250.00 each.
Also, 2 certified AWA & AGA four year old Black Angus cross bred cows ultrasounded and due early Sept., $2,500.00 each. Contact Bill or Deb at RedBall Enterprises LLC/JMB Cattle 319-360-0987 or Posted 3/2016

Dexter Cows – Cattle for Sale

Paw Paw, WV

2 registered Dexter pregnant cows for sale. Both polled, one red, one black. Both very good bloodlines. All up to date on shots and worming. All gentle and easy to work with. $1500 – 3000. For more information and prices please get in touch with Priscilla at Critton Creek Farm at or (304) 947-5229. Posted 3/2016

Welsh Harlequin Duck Eggs – Hatching Eggs for Sale

Waxhaw, NC

We have a small flock of Silver Welsh Harlequins that are originally from Metzer Farms stock. I will have eggs available starting in late March 2016. Our ducks/farm are NPIP and AWA certified. Welsh Harlequins are a wonderful calm, friendly breed of duck, they are excellent layers and produce a nice white carcass for meat. They are on the critical heritage breed list with the Livestock Conservancy. Here is some good information on the breed: Hatching eggs are $20 per dozen plus shipping. Send me a message with your zip code for a shipping quote. Go to our Facebook or Youtube to see our ducks!, Posted 2/2016

Certified AWA Dairy Cattle – Cattle for Sale

Raymond, NE

All ages and sexes of dairy cattle available. Predominantly purebred Jersey breeding, some Shorthorn cross. Milking and dry cows, open and bred heifers, yearling heifer and bull calves, and breeding age bulls. For more information, visit These dairy cattle also meet Certified Grassfed standards for beef cattle, and are not fed grain. Email Ben Gotschall at Davey Road Ranch at Posted 1/2016

Certified AWA/Certified Grassfed by AGW beef – Cattle for Sale

Raymond, NE

All ages, sizes and sexes of beef cattle available from our Nebraska Sandhills ranch. Predominantly Red and Black Angus breeding including Shorthorn and Murray Grey composites. Some Lowline influence. Our compact, low-maintenance cattle have been producing high-quality beef for local markets for over 15 years. $1500 – 2500. Email Ben Gotschall at Davey Road Ranch at Posted 1/2016

Quality Certified AWA Angus X Bred Heifers – Cattle for Sale

Louisberg, NC

Quality Angus X Bred Heifers for sale. One group calving early summer; another group early October to low-birth weight Angus Bulls. Calving as 2-year olds. 900-1,000 lbs. Deep and thick developed on grass. $2,500 each. Minimum groups of 10. Contact M.L. Mobley of Meadow Lane Beef, LLC at (919) 495-1305. Posted 1/2016

Katahdin Ewes for Breeding Stock – Sheep for Sale

Simpsonville, KY

Katahdin ewes for breeding are available for purchase. Born in April 2015 and will be ready to be bred in the fall of 2016. I can make arrangements for them to be bred before pick up, as well. $200 each. Contact Jeneen Wiche at Swallow Rail Farm at or (502) 722-2997. Posted 1/2016

Mulefoot and Mangalitsa Feeder/Breeder Hogs – Pigs for Sale

Grass Valley, CA

Our farm sells both registered Mulefoot and purebred Mangalitsa feeder and breeder pigs. Our farm is located in the foothills of CA. Pigs are weaned at 8-10 weeks of age to ensure healthy stock. Pigs are trained to electric fencing and have no parasite or medical issues. Feel free to email for more info on our pigs, management system and pricing. Visit to read more about our pigs and farm. Posted 11/2015

Yearling Steers – Cattle for Sale

Otter, MT

We typically have about 70 yearling Red Angus x Beefmaster steers 850 lb. available around Sept. 1 each year. All natural, no hormones or antibiotics, entirely pasture raised with minimal supplemental hay in the winter. Price negotiable. Contact Christy Lohof of LOHOF Grass-Finished BEEF at LOHOFMEATS@GMAIL.COM or (406) 784-2549. Posted 10/2015

Standard Bred Black Austrolorp Chickens – Chickens for Sale

Woodland, CA

We selectively breed Australorps to APA standards, with an emphasis on long term productivity and vigor. They are a large dual-purpose breed which excel in egg laying. Chicks, pullets and cockerels available. Details and pricing at: Contact Dru Ransdell at (530) 668-1156 or for more information. Posted 9/2015

Midget White Turkey Poults – Turkeys for Sale

Woodland, CA

We selectively breed these robust little heritage turkeys. They make a fine homestead bird. Poults will be available in the spring, with a minimum order of 15. $15 each for local pick-up, $18 each for shipment. Details at: Contact Dru Ransdell at (530) 668-1156 or for more information. Posted 9/2015

 Working Farm with Grassfed Beef and Organic Produce – Farmland for Sale

 Buffalo, WV

Over 40 acres, all fenced. Cross-fenced pastures and hay fields. 2 large barns with livestock facilities. Large high-tunnel, green house, fenced gardens, raised beds — all sustainable and organic practice farming. Nice 3+2 home. All utilities, paved roads, mineral rights, good schools. Established successful AWA beef and eggs, hay and produce business. Buyer has option to purchase AWA Angus beef breeding herd and gets list of clients. $319,000. Contact Margo White at Margo’s Garden at (304) 586-4477 or Posted 6/2014