Animal Welfare Approved

Farm-to-Farm Sales

How to Place a Farm-to-Farm Ad

Animal Welfare Approved farmers are invited to place advertisements on the AWA website. Farmers may advertise to sell or exchange animals as well as farm equipment or other farm accessories. Only Animal Welfare Approved compliant animals or breeding stock suitable for the program can be bought and sold. All advertisements will be approved before positing. Acceptance of a listing in no way makes AWA responsible for the quality or suitability of the listing for the purpose advertised.

If you wish to place an advertisement on our website, please complete the Farm-to-Farm Sales Form. There are no fees to place an advertisement. Please call (202) 546-5292(202) 546-5292 or email if you have any questions.


Rhode Island Red Chickens – Chicks for Sale

Walkertown, NC

We are running 2 small incubators and will have about 35 to 70 chicks every 25 days or so. I will also have 15 to 19 week-old hens for sale toward the end of summer. I also may try to sell pullets when I get better at sexing the peeps. Chicks will be available by April 22nd. $2.50 straight run $3.50 for pullets and $15.00 for young laying hen when they are ready. Contact Terri and Brian Wrenn at

Jersey Cattle, Bulls, and Genetics – Dairy Cattle for Sale

Raymond, NE

AWA-certified Jersey cattle. Heifers, young bulls, and breeding age bulls available. Developed on grass-only organic pasture, certified organic for organic milk production. Grass Dairy Genetics: Semen available at $10-2500. Contact Ben Gotschall of Davey Road Ranch at (402) 705-8679(402) 705-8679 or

Purebred & New Zealand Kiko  РGoats for Sale

Carthage, NC

97% to 100% NEW ZEALAND FULLBLOOD registered bucklings for sale. All have registered parents that have DNA. Some does will be up for sale after weaning in May and June. Go to for pictures and more information. Contact Ann Dunning of Maple Manor Farms at

Delaware Chicks – Chicks for Sale

Lenoir, NC

AWA chicks, hatched from great breeding stock that follows the APA standards for Delaware chickens. The Delaware is a great dual-purpose chicken that was the meat bird prior to industrialization of our food system. The Delaware is in need of conservation; they are on the ALBC's threatened list. We love these chickens as great heritage breed layers and meat birds. You will too! Contact Meredith Duke of Well Preserved Products LLC at or the farm's Facebook page,

Jamesway 252 Incubator/Hatcher – Incubator for Sale

Grass Valley, CA

Beautiful and rare Jamesway Incubator and Hatching Cabinet for sale. Can hatch up to 2000 chickens. Can be used for waterfowl, gamebirds, turkeys, and chickens. Equipped with automatic egg turner and comes with the metal hatching trays. Can also help to acquire the wooden incubation trays. There is no rust inside the unit and it is in excellent condition. Jamesway comes with original manuals. Unit came from a working hatchery in Oregon and has been stored inside ever since. $2500. Email or call Paul at Dinner Bell Farm with questions at or (260) 450-0450(260) 450-0450.

Small Flock of Laying Hens – Chickens for Sale

Monroe, GA

Small flock of chickens — approx. 18 Naked Neck hens and 1 Naked Neck rooster — for sale. My husband has gotten a job out of state and I must find homes for these girls and guy. The hens are approximately 1.5 years old and are laying. All were raised as chicks and are on pasture. $200 for entire flock. Call or email Cyndy Carroll of Syrinx Farm at (770) 266-1088(770) 266-1088 or

Hereford/Angus/Black Baldy Cross Cattle – Grassfed Cattle for Sale

Davisboro, GA

Grassfed 2-year-old Hereford / Angus / Black Baldy cross steers and heifers often available to compliment your sales. Will network with larger markets in the southeast. Contact Steven Peskoe of Double AJ Farms at (478) 232-1479(478) 232-1479 or