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Farm-to-Farm Sales

How to Place a Farm-to-Farm Ad

AWA farmers may use this service to advertise to buy, sell or exchange animals as well as farm equipment or other farm accessories. Only Animal Welfare Approved compliant animals or breeding stock suitable for the program can be bought and sold. All advertisements will be approved before positing. Acceptance of a listing in no way makes AWA responsible for the quality or suitability of the listing for the purpose advertised.

If you wish to place an advertisement on our website, please complete the Farm-to-Farm Sales Form. There are no fees to place an advertisement. Please call (202) 546-5292 or email if you have any questions.


St. Croix Sheep – Sheep for Sale

East Bend, NC

Registered St. Croix ewes. Bred ewes should lamb mid-March 2015: 1- 2011 ewe, 1-2012 ewe, 2-2013 ewes, 3-2014 ewes (not bred). $375.00. Contact Cynthia Glasscoe at Billy Place Farm at 336-699-2677 or

Large Black Hogs – AWA Pigs Wanted

Felton, CA

Seeking AWA-compliant, LBHA registered Large Black Hog piglets – boars and gilts – breeding quality with proven pasture genetics. Requirements are for Longfellow, Super and Majestic boar bloodlines and Matilda, Warbler, Daisy and Charlotte sow bloodlines. PEDv-free tested farms only. Contact Alison Charter-Smith at Madrone Coast Farm at or (408) 921-5709.

Oberhasli Dairy Goats - AWA Goats Wanted

Felton, CA

Seeking AWA-compliant, ADGA registered American Oberhasli doe kids or freshened mature does. Requirement is for CAE, CL and Johne’s-negative test history and mature does with no history of mastitis. USDA Scrapie Flock Certification program participation required. DHIA program enrollment desired. Contact Alison Charter-Smith at Madrone Coast Farm at or (408) 921-5709.

Bred Mule Foot Sow and Gilt, Registered Berkshire Piglets – Pigs for Sale

Madison, VA

I have two mule foots for sale. A two year old sow and a year old gilt both exposed to my GOS/Berkshire Boar the first of September. Prefer them to go to the same home. $450 each or $800 for the pair. Registered Berkshire Piglets born September 28, 2014 will be ready for new homes at the end of November. Only two gilts and one boar available from litter of 10. $250 each. Contact Jennifer at Landon Farm at (540) 923-4310 or

Ten 12-14 Month Old Open Devon-Angus Cross Heifers – Cattle for Sale

Gardiner, NY

Ten AWA certified 12-14 month old open Devon-Angus cross heifers for sale. Weights: 700-800 lbs. Black. Angus genetics: Pharo, Mystic Hill. Devon genetics: Buckeye. $2,400. Contact Paul and Full Moon Farm at (845) 629-1462 or

Katahdin Sheep and Lambs – Sheep for Sale

Celeste, TX

Dautobi Acres, Celeste TX (an hour from the Dallas area) offers grass-fed Katahdin commercial breeding stock or butcher stock for sale. Some delivery available. Katahdins are a great choice for low input, sustainable agriculture and you never have to worry about shearing! They are very heat tolerant, parasite resistant/tolerant and polyestrous. Our flock has been “closed” for almost 20 years! The meat is considered the best tasting lamb, hoggett or mutton around. For more information visit Katahdin Hair Sheep International. For current groups/individuals for sale visit our website: $150- $450.00. Special on proven “upgrade” ewes – pair with a registered Katahdin ram for upgrading to a registered KHSI flock, if desired. Contact Lynn Rocha of Dautobi Acres at

Nubian Buckling – Goat Buckling for Sale

Valparaiso, IN

Purebred Nubian buckling. Good genetics. Born March 27, 2014. Excellent demeanor. Loving and gentle. Good confirmation. $250. Contact Charles and Ellen Olsen of St. Brigid’s Farm at or (219) 462-3576.

Gulf Coast Sheep – Breeding Stock for Sale

Moulton, TX

A+S of Moulton, TX currently offers quality registered Gulf Coast sheep for sale. All of our animals are Animal Welfare Approved and Certified Grassfed. We only sell breeding stock that performs well on our farm, and is a solid representation of the Gulf Coast breed. Our animals are excellent in management intensive grazing operations, and we could not be happier with the quality of meat that they produce. Gulf Coast sheep are a great choice for low input, sustainable agriculture. They are heat tolerant, disease resistant, and parasite resistant. They perform well on pasture year-round and rarely need assistance with lambing. They produce wool as well as mild and tender lamb. The meat is considered outstanding and the breed worthy of preservation according to the Slow Food Ark of Taste. For more information visit the Gulf Coast Sheep Breeder’s Association website and read our Commonly Asked Questions. $150-300. View current availability and pricing at Contact Amy + Shaun Jones for more information at

Partridge Chanticler Chicks – Chickens for Sale

Santa Margarita, CA

Partridge Chanticlers are a dual purpose chicken, hardy in both cold and hot weather. They are considered a winter layer. I have four week old chicks and pullets for sale. $10-25 each. Contact Dana Tryde at Pozo Organic Farm at (805) 438-4609 or for more information.

Spanish Goat Doelings and Bucklings – Goats for Sale

Burkeville, VA

New kidding of Spanish doelings and bucklings to be weaned soon. 30+ to choose from. $300 for top breeding quality, $150 for meat quality. We also keep an excellent herd of breeding bucks. Contact Patti Rosenburg at Waverly Farms at or (214) 914-0323 for more information.

Purebred Black Angus Cattle – AWA Cattle Wanted

Cinncinatus, NY

Seeking AWA-compliant purebred black Angus heifer calves, heifers, cows and/or cow-calf pairs. Old Aberdeen genetics (small to medium frame) and Certified Organic preferred but not essential. Contact Fred Griffen at High Lonesome Farm at or (607) 863-4303.

Working Farm, Grassfed Beef, Organic Produce – Farmland For Sale

Buffalo, WV

Over 40 acres. All fenced. Cross-fenced pastures and hay fields. 2 large barns with livestock facilities. Large high-tunnel, green house, fenced gardens, raised beds — all sustainable and organic practice farming. Nice 3+2 home. All utilities, paved roads, mineral rights, good schools. Established successful AWA beef and eggs, hay and produce business. Buyer has option to purchase AWA Angus beef breeding herd and gets list of clients. See photos here. $329,000. Contact Margo White of Margo’s Garden at (304) 586-4477 or

Weirauch Farm and Creamery Seeking Land


Weirauch Farm and Creamery in Petaluma, CA (AWA sheep) is looking for a new home as early as November 2014. They are in search of more pasture access and a location to expand into more education based, agri-tourism. They need a minimum of 17 acres with a dry barn with power and water to relocate their flock of 70 sheep, their small household, and their dairy facility (20×10). Water needs for the dairy are ≤ 60gl/day, for 5-6 mos. milking season (~April-Oct). To learn more about the Weirauchs, visit or if you have property that could accommodate their small but flourishing business, email

Dairy Goat Kids – Goats for Sale

Pie Town, NM

Well bred dairy goats available soon after birth. Just can’t keep them all! No need to grow herd. These animals are bred to thrive on range conditions in the high desert of New Mexico while producing high quality milk. $20 buck kids, $50 doe kids. Contact Nancy Coonridge at Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese at

Boer Goats – Breeding Stock for Sale

Hagerman, ID

Boer goats for sale. Registered breeding stock; all ages; bucks, does and kids. $100 and up. Contact Evelyn Simons at Simon Boers Chevon LLC at (208) 837-6523 or

Katahdin Ewes – Sheep for Sale

Jonesborough, TN

Yearling ewe lambs ready to breed. Closed flock for over 20 years , grass based system. $200 each. Contact Chris Wilson at Clover Creek Farm at 423-753-2223 or

Rhode Island Red Chickens – Chicks for Sale

Walkertown, NC

We are running 2 small incubators and will have about 35 to 70 chicks every 25 days or so. I will also have 15 to 19 week-old hens for sale toward the end of summer. I also may try to sell pullets when I get better at sexing the peeps. Chicks will be available by April 22nd. $2.50 straight run $3.50 for pullets and $15.00 for young laying hen when they are ready. Contact Terri and Brian Wrenn at

Delaware Chicks – Chicks for Sale

Lenoir, NC

AWA chicks, hatched from great breeding stock that follows the APA standards for Delaware chickens. The Delaware is a great dual-purpose chicken that was the meat bird prior to industrialization of our food system. The Delaware is in need of conservation; they are on the ALBC’s threatened list. We love these chickens as great heritage breed layers and meat birds. You will too! Contact Meredith Duke of Well Preserved Products LLC at or the farm’s Facebook page,

Jamesway 252 Incubator/Hatcher – Incubator for Sale

Grass Valley, CA

Beautiful and rare Jamesway Incubator and Hatching Cabinet for sale. Can hatch up to 2000 chickens. Can be used for waterfowl, gamebirds, turkeys, and chickens. Equipped with automatic egg turner and comes with the metal hatching trays. Can also help to acquire the wooden incubation trays. There is no rust inside the unit and it is in excellent condition. Jamesway comes with original manuals. Unit came from a working hatchery in Oregon and has been stored inside ever since. $2500. Email or call Paul at Dinner Bell Farm with questions at or (260) 450-0450.