Animal Welfare Approved

AWA Grants for Farmers

The deadline to submit proposals for the 2013-2014 cycle has passed. Feel free to browse AWA's grant profiles to learn about previously funded projects.  Join the AWA email list to receive information on future grant opportunities.

Now in its sixth year, the Good Husbandry Grants program has funded over two hundred projects across the country to improve farm animal welfare. The funding priorities for the 2013 – 2014 cycle include: improved genetics, increased outdoor access, welfare improvements in the slaughter process and non-lethal predator control. As pasture- and range-based management is a fundamental requirement of AWA certification, a primary goal of this grant program is to facilitate the growth and success of high-welfare, pasture-based systems.

Previous on-farm projects include: new mobile housing and incorporation of new genetics to better facilitate pasture-based management. AWA's Good Husbandry Grants program will also continue its focus on welfare improvements in the slaughter process. Previous slaughter plant projects include: a new knock box and handling facility improvements, stunners for on-farm poultry slaughter, a mobile processing unit, and visual barriers to reduce handling stress.

Contact Grants Coordinator Emily Lancaster at or (202) 618-4497 with any questions.

For additional funding opportunities outside of AWA, please visit USDA's website here.