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AWA publishes a wide range of information materials for consumers, farmers and ranchers, and food businesses. Please select one of the links below.

AWA Reports and Guides

Do pasture-raised cattle really produce more greenhouse gas than intensively raised cattle? Is there a link between intensive farming and antibiotic-resistant bacteria? What do food labels really mean? Read our range of fully referenced reports and papers including:

  • Food Labels Exposed
  • The Grassfed Primer
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Lies, Damn Lies
  • Taking Pictures of Your Farm

AWA Newsletter

Download back issues of our free quarterly AWA Newsletter, which includes thought-provoking articles, technical advice and support, and the latest news and information from the AWA program.

AWA Brochures

Download AWA Consumer Brochure and Farmer Brochure.

Technical Advice Fact Sheets

Our range of technical advice fact sheets provides practical information and support to farmers and ranchers who are participating in the AWA program.

AWA Blog

Follow AWA Program Director, Andrew Gunther, as he discusses the issues that matter – and challenges vested interest in the food and farming industry.

Recommended Reading

Recommended reports and other publications from reputable sources on high welfare, sustainable farming.